Networks that have 9 Rules?

Now that I’ve infiltrated the 9Rules Network, I’m ready to blow the conspiracy wide open. It’s a complete lie. There aren’t 9 Rules. There are in fact only 8. I think Paul thought it would be funny to throw people of the scent.

Just to keep things on the level and completely REAL, here on the Kode, I present to you the 8 rules of the 9Rules Network, just so you also know what the deal is.

  1. The first rule of the 9Rules Network is, you DO NOT talk about the 9Rules Network.
  2. The second rule of the 9Rules Network is, you DO NOT talk about the 9Rules Network.
  3. If someone says stop,… they are asked to reconsider.
  4. One person to a blog.
  5. One RSS feed at a time.
  6. No boring people, only crazy people.
  7. Blogs will go on as long as they have to.
  8. If this is your first day at the 9Rules Network, you have to blog.


  1. You sir, are a funny, frieghtening man. Good to have you on board.

    1 Chris J. Davis
  2. Congrats on joining the network. Welcome aboard.

    2 William
  3. Congrats on getting on board!

    3 David Babylon
  4. Congrats. Cheers to fight club references.

    4 Neil
  5. Only a matter of time, your website is gorgeous and your writing is even better.

    5 Thame
  6. and Remember this is your life and you have to blog about it, because the time is running out 1 minute at a time.

    6 Sadish
  7. Glad to be on the same team with you Khaled. The 9rules crew has made some great choices from round 2 so far if I do say so myself ;)

    7 Shawn Grimes
  8. Ah, Fight Club, never gets old…

    8 Sujay
  9. This is indeed a rather different post than other newly admitted network members. I applaud to that, and I really enjoyed reading this post.

    9 AsceticMonk
  10. Thanks everyone, it’s really fun being here :). Personally I loved Paul’s entry.

    10 Khaled