Partition Crash

You know how they tell you to separate your normal files from your OS files. That way when your OS decides to crap up on you, because you know it will, at least you’ve got all your files on a separate drive? Yeah well what happens when you can’t seem to access your other drive without getting the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH staring at you? Partition Magic seems to let me browse and the copy and paste onto my other hard drive, which is cool. I guess I needed to back up everything. Here’s hoping I don’t have any problems with my DVD burner.

Strangely though during that 1 hour period that I thought I’d effectively lost all of my work, I was supremely calm. I could have flipped out but I didn’t. I kept my cool and just thought of which I files I had on my server, computer at work and on my gmail account. I’m currently using this little program to store all my important docs that are less than 10megs so that there’s more than one place that has them.

I suppose August brings in a new month, and I should really see it as a time of rebirth. Time to back up my files and assess what my priorities are.

Still though I need this like a HOLE in my head.