Spanish Dancing

So about two weeks ago Joe sends out a mass email to the group and asks whether anyone is up for going to La Coruña (Spain) for a weekend and being at the opening of a gallery project Arup worked on. Joe was stationed (yeah I know not exactly a war zone over there is it, Spanish ladies and Spanish food, etc); anyway Joe lived there for a year during the construction phase so he knows the area.

I actually didn’t have a chance to properly read the email and he was there tapping me on my shoulder:

So? You coming?

Within 2 hours the man had booked the hotel and every meal we’re going to be having from now (I’m meeting them in Heathrow Airport for breakfast) till we get back on the plane on Sunday afternoon. You see Joe, Russell and I are effectively the eaters of the office. We organise and try and get people to go out for one proper meal a week (oftentimes more) and generally push the eating agenda a little to spice things up. So what happens when you put all three guys together and tell them to go for a weekend of eating, drinking and shopping? Yeah should be fun. I’ll be back with crazy stories of Spain on Sunday. Have a good weekend everyone.


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  1. Have fun big bro! About time you get away from the computer! Love you loads!

    1 Fadi Aboualfa
    Quote | 25/3/2006

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