Mobile Phones

On my 26th birthday I was forced into seriously thinking about getting a proper mobile phone, with a proper contract. I’ve been pretty adverse to the idea, essentially because I feel it’s a bit of a rip off, which after a day of searching, it effectively is. The problem however still remains that it is essential in my life right now, if I’m going to keep in touch with people.

It comes in EXTRA handy when the bar you’ve chosen (and was a pretty popular place) decides to shut down a couple of months ago, and you’ve told everyone and their dog to meet you there at 7:30 only to get a ring at around 7 from Jackie saying

Jackie - “Khaled I think you’ve got a problem..”
Me - “I’ve got many problems Jackie, George Dubayou, mobile phone tariff prices, which one are we talking about?”
Jackie - ” I’m standing in front of this place and it’s been shut down, says for the past 2 months…”

You know those scenes in the movies, where the camera is like really far away and it zooms in on the person when he’s finally realised something fundamental and you know that he’s got one word on his mind right now… Shit.

Damage Control was effectively put into action, except of course when it rains it pours doesn’t it. I’m out of friggin battery on my phone, and I’m out of credits, and I didn’t have the latest number to a lot people I invited. It’s like the universe was trying to tell me something, but instead of easing me into it, the universe turned around a decided to give me a good @$$ ramming and tell me to wake up and get with the fucking program.

GET A BLOODY TARIFF YOU IDIOT is all I could hear the Universe tell me. Part of me wanted to break out into a musical number around that particular moment,

It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to… You would cry too if it happened too you..

Luckily I didn’t cry, I hate to see a full man cry and neither should anyone else. So I’ve made up with universe, and I went on the hunt to look for a mobile phone. The only tip I’ve got is to effectively not buy a package from the High Street as it’s a complete and utter rip off. I’ve taken my search online as a lot of my life, and I’m seeing some seriously great offers, I just need to fish around a bit more and confirm which handset/tariff suits me the most.

Currently the Sony Ericsson K750i is looking to be the contender for the title, but I’m still not sure yet.

What’ll probably happen is I’ll have to learn how to convert the BK into a mobile enabled website, which should be GREAT fun :).


  1. “Iâ��m standing in front of this place and itâ��s been shut down, says for the past 2 months…”

    What’s a Birthday without a surprise?:)

    Anyways, with mobile phones, the only thing you need to remember is not to be suckered into getting something that you’re not going to use/need.

    1 Phu
  2. v3 bro…slim,sexy,simple

    2 Fadi Aboualfa
  3. LOL, it’s was crazy, as if I actually knew something wrong was going to happen. Sixth sense, then I’ll start seeing dead people. But you’re right about the whole getting pimped off stuff you’re not going to use. I think I’ve found the best deal for me, at the best price as well, moral of the story is never buy a phone off the high street either.

    Fadi, the v3 is a piece of shit, not a very solid phone, rubbish to use, looks sexy as hell just not reall practical.

    3 Khaled

    4 Fadi Aboualfa