June 2004
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RSS Feeds

I’m going to have to write a bit more about this topic at some point, it’s just that I have to write this down, before I get bored of the actual novelty. Basically think about it as if this little program ticking away in the bottom of your tray, collecting information from the various websites, […]

Configuring and Using the Apache

Well I’ve finally sorted out the server part, and it is pretty easy really. Once you’ve got XAMPP installed, you’re down to two buttons one to start Apache, Mysql and php while the other is to terminate the actions. Once you’re running the actual server online, then you can start playing around. The files […]

Setting my sights on the gold…

The closer I come to my 25th birthday, the more I become aware that time is not on my side in terms of what I would like to achieve in this lifetime and where I want to go. Subsequently I’ve decided to put just about everything else on hold until I finish writing my first […]

Broken Kode Version 2.0

So I think I’ve finally decided on the overall style and content of Broken Kode Version 2.0. It’s not drastically different to version 1.0 in terms of asthetic look, however all the additions that I wanted to integrate into version 1.0 just could not have been implemented.

It truely is amazing just how much more […]

Setting Up a server on your machine…

As detailed in my previous post about this specific topic I’m learning php. What this has done is opened my eyes to what the web can be. So I’m going to document what I do on my journey to learn php, primarily to sort out my blog. I know it seems like such an ardous […]

Light in London

Sure does take a long time for the sky to go completely dark in London. I noticed this on the way back home from Richmond, which is WAAAAY down south from where I live. It’s truely a crazy thing looking out the window on a train at 10:30 in the freezing cold, strange how the […]

Learning PHP and Wordpress

Well I decided nearly 2 weeks ago to move away from moveable type. Now while this was something of a drastic move, I knew that sooner or later I would have to do this, since no development was happening past 2.64a that didn’t cost an extortionate amount. So having scoped out all the alternatives as […]

PHP and Wordpress Links

Just collecting links here and there that I think will help me implement the features I want in this site. It will take a while to get to grips with php, it will take a while to get to grips with Wordpress, but eventually I think it will be something I can be proud of. […]


I’ve been thinking a lot about the year that’s passing me by right now, and I’ve got to say it’s been a pretty eventful year. It all started at the tailend of august and seriously has not let down since then. Every month has had something exciting happen to me. I’ve experience a great many […]

Teething Problems…

You might have noticed how I’ve lost a lot of my actual posts, that’s because I’ve had to do a bit of administrating around the place, and this could take a while until I get everything up and running smoothly again, it’s not too long now, it’s just that life as always is getting in […]

Wordpress Redux

I’ve made the switch to Wordpress. This was not because of anything really other than the fact that this is an entirely php based CMS, or content management system. The advantage is that it’s got some absolutely dynamite features that I’m well impressed by. It will take a while to implement all of them and […]


Just wanted to say that the official url for this website is now brokenkode.com as you have seen at the top of this site for a while now. I can’t really explain why it’s taken soo long for me to buy the damn domain as it really isn’t all that expensive, it’s just a matter […]

Star Wars Episode III

I should not be getting excited but what can I do it’s my inner geek. I know it will be crap. I know it’s going to annoy me no end, but it’s going to be amazing nonetheless, because it will be the end of the most major sci-fi fantasy series ever created, till now, in […]

June is upon us…

Man this year is passing me by too quickly. So much has gone and passed me by in the past 5 months it’s truely amazing. I’ve not had much time to catch my breathe and deal with, when more fresh things come and attack me head on. It does make me wonder how I never […]