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I, Robot

Not really sure about this movie. I know the hype around this one has begun, and there are loads of reports about it being pretty poor where story is concerned, and that this is more a Will Smith type affair than an Alex Proyas type movie. Alex Proyas for those in the dark is the […]

Finally 98% finished

Hahahahahaha. I’m in love with my site at the moment. It’s been a complete labour of love but I’ve finally got it to the stage that I had in my mind at the very beginning when I began this crazy Wordpress adventure.

The icing on the cake is the ‘Broken Stats’ section which you can […]

Lacuna Coil > Enter the Coil

Lacuna Coil Official Website

Lacuna Coil, fantastic band from deepest Italy, very gothic, very melodic and very in your face. I really love women singers in rock bands, always have, and if they look any good, that’s just a bonus.

San Diego Comic Convention Coverage 2004 - Part 4

New ‘Star Wars’ movie title revealed

CNN.com - New ‘Star Wars’ movie title revealed - Jul 25, 2004
Out of complete boredom I actually typed in cnn.com and there it was in full glory the actual name of the new Star Wars movie : Episode Three.

Star Wars - Episode III : Revenge of the Sith

I really like […]

San Diego Comic Convention Coverage 2004 - Part 3

Warren Ellis Like I said only information that would make me excited and books I’d buy in the future. Well I generally like Warren Ellis’s work, as an internet personality the guy can come off as a complete nob, but then I’ve never met the man, only read what he says online and in interviews, and […]

Control Panel Version 0.1

Man the more you get into this wordpress stuff the more you find out just how much stuff people have done for you, and all you need to know is how to make things sing a bit, needless to say I’m enjoying these minor tweaks here and there.

The control panel hasn’t exactly been what […]

San Diego Comic Convention Coverage 2004 - Part 2

San Diego comic con is up and running and loads of news has been coming out hard and fast these past few hours, which is nice, because loads of people are waiting for this one moment to make a breakout and make some noise.

I’ve decided I’m only going to talk about the news that I […]

Farenheit 9/11

Watched it last night. Very well put together littl documentary. Lots of food for thought. The thing is as with any media you’ll see it as biased propaganda, but the thing that it shows is how the western world has been subjected to the other side’s propaganda for so long, I think it’s healthy to […]

One page at a time.

With this blog completed, I’ve decided upon and began my next project. It’s time really to buckle down hard and actually try and try and finish my script. The plan is to complete the script by the end of the year. In addition the sketches for the characters, and my general skills should be ready […]

Modifications Version 0.1

Just updated the site with this very excellent little plugin, it’s a funky idea, in that I get to put any font I want as the main title bar and everyone can see it, which is nice. Information on this plugin can be found right here at Joel Bennet’s site, Huddled Masses.

I mean honestly […]

Back to the drawing board.

I’ve been involved with graphic design and computers and software and programming for the better part of nearly three years now. I think in that time I’ve learnt a hell of a lot, and really expanded my skills in a great number of areas, which ultimately helped me no end at work as well. Having […]

Finally 93% finished.

Man that was really painful actually. To eventually get this site and blog to where I wanted has taken more out of me than I care to admitt. It’s brilliant since it’s something I love, and will no doubt constantly tweak and fiddle with, as is always the case with most internet based projects I […]

I can see fight club in front of me

I get into the tube station in Camden (london for those in the dark about my whereabouts), I get onto the platform, and to my right is a big pile of sick. I think to myself, ‘Don’t breathe any of the smells, just keep waking’ completely in my own world. All I care about it […]

Dynamic update

Let’s see if this works. I’ve got 3 hours before I go to bed. I have one final area of this site I need to use that will finish it off in a capacity. Can I do it while dynamically updating this post to see if indeed I’m hitting my deadline.

I’ve go the below post […]

RSS - News Readers

RSS: News Readers

rss feed aggregators are simple programs that store special links found on websites. The idea is that when a website is actually updated these programs are told this and kindly inform you that they have been updated and depending on the type of aggregator you get might and usually gives you a nice […]

Times mean more change.

I’ve been very busy at work, simply because I’ve been more heavily involved with the projects I’m working on. What this does it limits the amount of time I have to do other things, such as updating and completely this blog. It’s getting there I suppose, but still not 100%, I’m thinking it’s about […]

San Diego Comic Convention

The San Diego Comic Convention is the ultimate anglophone comic book and pop culture gathering in the world. I’ve personally never been but I’ve seen and heard enough about the place to know it would be damn good fun to actually make my way there. Due to the fact that every single professional comic book […]


Well I’m pretty flattered I got mentioned by Matt. For those in the dark, Matt’s the founding developer of Wordpress, so for me it’s cool. Don’t have a clue how he got the url for the site, but there you go, click here to see the post

He did mention something in the comments however that […]

It’s always something…

Still playing around with the overall design of the site right now. It’s getting there, here’s a list of things I still need to try and sort out:

1. Fix up that control panel, with all the bells and whistles
Update: Sorted version 1.0 of the user control panel. It’s a start really although there are […]

Xylophone Man 1931-2004

Just because people might think I’m over reacting, this hit BBC news as well, that’s how important Frank was to the overall Nottingham atmosphere.

May you rest in peace Frank Robinson AKA Xylophone Man.

BBC NEWS | England | Nottinghamshire | ‘Xylophone man’ dies in hospital

Xylophone Man 1931-2004 06/07/04 - LeftLion Nottingham Articles


This is my latest creation. That is my font, iliosnap. I used a free copy of Font Creator given with the computer arts magazine, pretty amazing what you can do with freeware and open source coding.

[FLASH]https://brokenkode.com/wp-content/images/iliosnap.swf, 568,400 [/FLASH]

Perfect space.

So after too long I’ve finally gotten a blog I’m relatively happy with. At this stage it’s like what 70% complete, which really isn’t bad going. I expect that the actual blog will keep adding features and bits and pieces in time, which is pretty nice to see it all coming together. It’s pretty slow […]

Greece Euro 2004 Champions

Sometimes there really are no words…

image courtesy National Guardian

In my mind I wait and mull.

I’ve been doing a lot of css designing, for the site. As you can see a few links have started to appear at the top of this hear website, but it’ll take another week I expect before there will actually be any content to view.

Once this site is done I can go back to […]

New look

Well it’s been a long time coming, but this post marks the first of July and also my brother’s birthday. He is officially 20 years old, which is just waaay too old, since in my eyes he’s still 12 and 40 kg. I can’t get through to him but I think that has something to […]