August 2004
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Sorting out my css

Man I decided to do a few tweaks to the damn site, 5 hours later I sorted out the slight mods to the css file. This is ridiculous. I’ve seriously got to sort it out so and streamline the damn thing. Make it tight and get it right.

I’ve been looking at various blogs around […]

Athens 2004 - Final Report

Well with the end of the Olympic Games, I think I should bring this section to a close and put my thoughts in review down. It’s pretty hard as I’ve lost my computer essentially and so I’m having to look to my bro’s computer to help me with my computer/internet needs.

On Friday I went to […]

Athens 2004 - Volleyball

Man I’ve had a couple of pretty long days. My birthday was a crazy affair, nice crazy but one of those situations where I just decided to have a small gathering at my house, and preparations were quick, but it’s becoming an institution in my house to celebrate my birthday, since I generally am in […]

Quarter of a Century Older

Today the 23rd of August I will have made a stay of 25 years on this planet. Usually, since I finished University some 3 years ago now I get depressed, BIG TIME. I’ve analysed the situation and come to the reasoning behind it. The reason can be attributed to one thing. It’s not because of […]

Athens 2004 - Ping Pong, Velodrome

What a day yesterday was. Complete Olympic fever. I went to three events and had the chance to walk around the Olympic Complex. The day started off at 11 in the morning as I went to watch some table tennis. I refer to this as Ping Pong, because that is what is was called throughout […]

Athens 2004 - Beach Volleyball

So I decided to go to the beach volleyball to try out something new that to be honest I wouldn’t watch under any other circumstance. The thing about the whole situation which I didn’t expect was that is was really good fun.

Once we finally got there, it took us ages after the bus dropped […]

Athens 2004 - Basketball

Well today was the first event for the Olympics that I go to. Needless to say the experience was actually amazing. The main event of the day for me was the Basketball.

USA vs Australia

The main people there were Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson, Lebron James, Shawn Marrion. The rest of the guys I’ll be honest […]

New Logo

Every once in a while I get a cool idea that I can’t help but get excited about. The current one is my logo. I’ve been inspired by google in how I’m going to approach this little thing. I’ll be playing around with the logo and keep adding and deleting bits and pieces to it […]

Robert Lindstorm / Designchapel

One of my absolute favorite designers in the past few years is Robert Lindstorm from Sweden, he is Design Chapel. I absolutely love his work, and is someone I actually look up to in terms of what I can achieve and what I can do in the field of design and contemporary illustration.

I wish […]

Mediterranean Mentality

Quite a strange sight that I hadn’t seen in a while actually. Basically I’m driving to get some shopping done, and this guy on a motorcycle piece of shit is driving like a maniac behind me. I let him pass, only to see him stop maybe 10m in front of me, as far as I […]

J. Scott Campbell / Official home of Danger Girl & Wildsiderz

Well this domain name has been dormant for like 300 years now, or whatever, so it’s nice to see it’s finally starting to pick up some steam. Shame that he’s put it down for 2005 release, since he talked about this series like 1 year ago, so it’d be a bit of a wait before […]

Athens 2004 - Primary Report

I take it you all saw the opening ceromony yesterday? If you didn’t, you missed. Those are burning rings, in a lake of water. I think the image says it all.

J Scott Campbell’s Wildsiderz

I’m actually excited. I generally really enjoy Jeff’s stuff. It’s full of energy and fun and lot of love has gone into every aspect of the creation of his books. Nothing is more apparent than the truely great fun Danger Girls. Go buy the hardcover or the trade or whatever, it’s Charlie’s Angels done right. […]

Radio Silence

I’ve been walking for 12 months, and breaks were few.
I’ve traversed all my surplus energies in an attempt to stay awake.
I live on 5 hours of sleep.
I try and I try, sometimes with success, othertimes in disaster.
I’ve decided some emotions are ill placed and it’s time to pursue other avenues.
8 months of 2004 have […]

Top 11 Comic Books Series.

Just read this off on peiratikos’s website. This was originally from Steve Lieber’s post.

Here’s my top 11:

Blade of the Immortal - Hiroaki Samura (Dark Horse)
Pure genius, the characters are real in my eyes. That’s it’s greatest achievement as a comic book series.

100 Bullets - Azzarello and Risso (DC/Vertigo)
Crime Noir at it’s greatest. One of the […]

Site Tweaks list

Just so that I have post of things I need to sort out on this little site. I’m not dying to do them right now, but hey they’re things I have in my mind that need to be dealt with at some point.

1. Clean up CSS. This is pretty important. Make it clear, clean […]

David Lanham

Go have a look at the stuff this guy has on his site. It’s brilliant, soft and vibrant. Definitely worth watching. I really like finding treasures like this on the net.

David Lanham

Progress Report August

Just checking this post and thought I’d see how I was doing in terms of my actual productivity. Bearing in mind this was actually written on the 3rd of April. That’s 4 months of activity what have I accomplished?

The bad guys - The good guys
3 - 0 websites (kaydo, iliosnare, x)
18 - 0 illustrations
1 - […]


SCIFI.COM | Earthsea

Just saw this on the scifi channel website. For all those in the dark, this to me was the granddaddy of fantasy novels. I read this before Lord of the Rings, and it was awesome. I’m thinking of reading it again. They’ve got a decent cast there as well. Definitely one for the […]

Williams F1 - 2005

Well how could I not comment about this little fact. It’s basically taken the entire F1 community completely by storm. The reason? Jenson Button has decided to leave B*A*R to join the one great Williams BMW, in the quest for a World Championship.

It’s completely insane because he seemed very happy and very content with […]


I’ve had the worst day at work in a very very long while. In fact it’s days like this I wish I was a comic book artist, or graphic designer or web designer now rather than an electrical engineer. Everything that could go wrong is, and I’m getting undermined by someone who is checking […]

Computer Arts 100

I’ve got a lot to get off my chest right now.

I’ve been reading Computer Arts for a while now, over 18 months and counting. Recently they had a change of editor-in-chief. Now while the last one Vicki Atkinson wasn’t a babe, she did her job WELL. She kept pushing the design of the […]

On blogging: Redux

Our friend Peiratikos (sounds poli greek to me, for those in the dark that means the one who pirates stuff, usually reserved to pirate software sellers, but anyway), has an interesting post on his website about blogging. Some points he raises are interesting, but I must say that as a general statement he might […]


I read a lot of manga. The thing is I’ve been reading manga for a good few years really, well before the recent explosion. Even this girl who was trying to be all cool and had the audacity to call me a geek had a pile of Tuxedo Gin piled next her bed, I couldn’t […]

Random thoughts of a spotless mind.

I have to say that sometimes my mind operates at a much faster rate than my bloggin technique, and manytimes I wish I could download my thoughts directly as they happened, from my mind the instant I think about them and onto the net, that would cause for a lot of noise, but then again […]

mish mash heaven

I’ve had one hell of a week, it’s been ridiculous at work the last few days, mainly because I’ve been involved with an international architecture competition. This is for the British part of the Antarctic section. It’s basically a call to getting a better designed station for their scientific base in the South pole. So […]

Difference on the Island…

It’s been a bit crazy the last couple of weeks for me. I’m going back to Greece for the Olympics, so work is pretty hectic to try and actually get as much done before I disappear for a while.

A few points of how the Island(UK) is different to the continent(the rest of the world):

Point […]