September 2004
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Manji is born

It’s been a few days, yes I know, but hey what can I say it’s been unbelievable couple of days. My computer has completely taken my mind away. I know it sounds geeky but to be honest I really could give two shits about whatever anyone says. My computer is my portal to the world, […]

Eyes Wide Open

Arab Morality Several things tonight before I head out. Had the nicest thins happen to me while I was coming back from my morning meeting, we got a cab back and I sat in the back. The driver at one point hands me this booklet to put right beside me because it’s not right where he […]

My mother’s Birthday

Man, I swear I feel well ashamed of myself. I forgot to say Happy Birthday to my mother today. The really annoying thing is however that I talked to her for a while this morning. Unfortunately we’ve been pre-occupied with my brother’s University shutting down in Athens.

I know I know lame ass excuse. What’s […]

Pixel by Chris Dlugosz

P I X E L. Just found this on the net. Thought it was pretty cute. Go check it out, makes for good fun while bumming around waiting for stuff to download etc.

Ait Planetlar’s Zombies.

Maybe I’m going to go off on one because I’m a bit ill and am not thinking straight but it’s been a while since I checked in with two site, namely the home site for ait-planetlar and brian wood’s blog.

Now I have in the past exchanged internet conversations with both gentlemen. I’ve bought a […]

“Call me crazy one more time…”

Yesterday I said goodbye to a friend as she heads back to Greece after an all too brief period in London at Kingston University. Originally, one of my school buddy’s girlfriends, she now leaves as one of my buddys and I’m sad to see her go. Sad because she was the only Lebanese (from […]

Firefox Version 1.0 - Thoughts after the fact

So I’ve been playing around with Firefox Version 1.0 for a couple of days, and it’s a major improvement over everything. I can see now why it’s a complete version 1.0. I understand the difference since I’ve been using it since it was still on version 0.6 or thereabouts.

So what are the new things […]

Technologically in the dark ages.

I’ve been technologically completely in the dark this past year and a half. Usually I make an effort to try and keep up to date with the goings on in technology, and specifically personnal technology. One step ahead. I’ve been stuck in a rut for a while now. I mean I only got a digital […]

Firefox Preview Version 1.0

Get FireFox Now! Tell them I sent you there. Man I’m well excited about this. Firefox has transformed my web-browsing experience, and there’s a reason for that. I’m currently using the Noria Extreme skin which is pretty funky. I was using the Mozilla Netscape for a while now, but I need something different.

Channeling Mucha

For the past 2 years, essentially the amount of time I’ve been living in London, I’ve not actually drawn any comic books pages. Sure I’ve done sketches, and I’ve learnt how to use a number of programs to digitally illustrate since then, however the point is I’ve not actually fully drawn a single A3 page […]

Prodigy - Always outnumbered Never Outgunned

Prodigy’s new album, Always outnumbered never outgunned is out after god knows how long, actually it’s been 8 years. 1996 was when Fat of the Land came out. Long time coming boys long time coming, just ordered it, truely makes me wonder why anyone would buy cds from record stores, the difference in price is […]

Street Fighter and Udon

I like Udon. I like their work ethic and I like how they’ve set themselves up. They were originally a rival to Dreamwave Production, but have since grown up a lot. If memory serves me correctly several members of the then fledging DW decided to leave and setup a collective as it were. They became […]

Magnetic North

Another fantastic find from our friends over at pixelsurgeon, this time out it’s for this fantastic design outfit operating out of England as far as I can tell called Magnetic North. Check out the link called Imagination, really brilliant, I loved it.

Gerry Loader 1943 - 2004

Gerry Loader passed away on Saturday 4th of September after a long battle with cancer. I first met Gerry 2 years ago today. I can be that specific because it was during our graduate week when I first joined the company 2 years ago last Thursday.

Gerry was a resident engineer which basically meant that he […]


I’ve got:

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 gmail accounts

waiting for whoever wants them. I’m sure they’ll keep coming because I’ve been seeing them pop up all over the blogosphere. So if you’re interested just drop me a line, at and I should be able to hook you up as […]


Slowly but surely I’m starting to find more and more hidden treasures on the net. This is one of those. Thanks to drunkfoundation for the heads up. Beautiful stuff.

<img src=”” width=”149″ height=”404″ alt=””

Airport woes.

Man I really hate airports. I hate the smell, and hate airlines, and hate those stupid plastic plates and forks, and nylon wrapped food.
I hate checking in and I hate collecting my bag.

The thing is I hate all of these things and I didn’t get any of this time round. At least not […]