Ait Planetlar’s Zombies.

Maybe I’m going to go off on one because I’m a bit ill and am not thinking straight but it’s been a while since I checked in with two site, namely the home site for ait-planetlar and brian wood’s blog.

Now I have in the past exchanged internet conversations with both gentlemen. I’ve bought a hell of a lot of stuff from Larry Young (head of Ait-planetlar, clever don’t you think, the ait refers to Astronauts In Trouble, the first thing he got published). I like the man’s work ethic in general. I like the fact that he’s got a voice and he does things his way. I like his boldness at the time some what 4 years ago (not sure could be a little less could be a little more) to only publish original graphic novels. Makes more economic sense and he’s proved this countless times be it in a series of posts he did for savantmag, not sure if it exists anymore,….wait hold on,…apparently they’ll be back soon, anyway in his True Facts series of articles. Anyway, it’s all good, his internet personna to professionals could be better as far as I can tell but hey Warren Ellis isn’t exactly an angel when he was online regularly, so much so that even the funny guy on moviepoopshoot would attack Warren’s online personna every week while tell us about the comics of the week.

ANYWAY back to Larry. Like I said I’ve bought stuff from him in the past. The PAST being the operative word. Because as time went by I just noticed something very important, the stuff he was publishing didn’t really have an edge to it, and even if it did, the production values, yes you heard me Larry the PRODUCTION VALUES were sub-par. The cover stock he chooses is flimsy at best. The interior pages are OK, but take a black and white MANGA from Dark Horse and compair the two. Big difference.

Now I don’t really want to touch up on the art, but this is basically what caused me to actually go off on one right now. For the entire time I was hanging out around those boards, his hype machine kept trying to sell me off this artwork as the next coming. ‘This guy is soo great, everyone will be phoning him up once this book comes out’.


Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that the art is bad, just really completely and utterly unspectacular. I know he’s a business and he has to hype, but brainwashing is just a great thing isn’t it. The minions flock and claim sketches as ‘BEAUTIFUL’. Are they joking!!!!! Here go to this entry right here, and read the damn friggin comments, sickening. It’s like let’s revel in actually sucking each other off. Patting each other on the back. The link is right HERE.

The thing that pisses me off actually is that Oni Press seems to be guilty of this as well. I mean the same senario, lots of HYPE and not enough substance. Loads of great stuff coming from Oni at some point, now it’s down to a dribble. Hell I haven’t bought an Oni book in like a year. Ever since Cheat. I voiced my opinions on the boards which I’m sure you can find if you’re interested, and that was the last book I bought from them. Guess I’ll have to wait till the next Barry Ween.

Appologies to all those who really don’t give a shit. I don’t really care in so much as it’s such a waste. With solid books like The coffin, Channel Zero, Barry Ween, White Death (I could go on), it’s all gone.

Beautiful, phwe, whatever.