October 2004
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Chameleon - Alpha Testing

A few people have guessed what Chameleon is, so for all those in the dark about a month ago I contacted Rootie over at atthe404 asking him if he would like to join me on this idea I had for a wordpress template that would be slotted in no fuss no huss when Version 1.3 […]

The Corporation - Revisited

Every once in a while I remember why I’m living in London, and what it actually means to live here. I’m walking with Helen out from Angel Tube station and we’re talking about general stuff, mainly where to eat. I say you know what let’s keep walking and see what jumps out at us. At […]

The Corporation

I bought a book on Sunday after going to watch a set of animation shorts at the London Film Festival (the best out of the lot was without a doubt Lorenzo the cat, sheer genius stuff). We went into Fopp, the only place where it’s guaranteed that I will buy something the second I go […]

Busy as all hell

Man I never thought I’d be as busy as I am right now. A month ago I was actually getting bored. I guess soo many things are happening right now, and I’ve got this drive right now to see a lot of things through. I seem to start a lot of stuff but never see […]

Chameleon - Teaser Trailer

You are a chameleon; very changeable- as the chameleon changes its hue to that of contiguous objects. â��As the chameleon, who is known To have no colours of its own, But borrows from his neighbour’s hue, His white or black, his green or blue.â�� Change your opinions as a chameleon changes its colour. […]

Soo Disappointing

Today was the 2nd Annual Comic ‘Festival’ in London. It was shit. And I say this as being the best thing I can actually say about this organized fiasco of a convention. Fair enough this is a small time thing, but you’d expect the Capital of the Anglophone speaking sector of Europe would be able […]

Chameleon - Coming Soon

Universal Life

Loads of things to talk about. Thing is I usually don’t like my work travel home with me. It remains in the office and that’s enough unless of course it’s something really exciting as it was with the competition I wrote about on friday. I’ve not been having the best of times at work right […]


Thought everyone might find this pretty interesting. I’ll be using this in the near future to come up with something to show on the site in the near future. It is pretty cool actually. 4 years ago I was seriously in love with these things, now I guess it’s been done to death, and there’s […]

Live a little, learn a little

So I’ve been having some problems with my brand spanking new screen. Basically for one of my chosen programs it starts doing crazy things with the pixel colourings of it all. It’s pretty crazy stuff and it’s had me completely pissed off and stunned, firing e-mails to Mesh support, who the bastards haven’t gotten back […]


This is the third year I fast in London. I’ve been fasting since I was around 12 years old, and it’s basically a part of my life. It cleanses my soul and pallete in more ways than one.

I suppose it’s pretty fitting that I should be working on a competition for the charity […]


Soo much to talk about, so much I’d really like to get off my chest but I’m really unbelievably tired right now, that I think it’s better to grab some zees and then start fresh in the morning, got loads of things I need to sort out this week. Damn it’s going to be a […]

Pressure is on.

Radio silence for the next 5 days. I’ll explain all once I get through everything, needless to say it’s very exciting news. Part of the reason is also that I’ll be in Milan over the weekend, although that has nothing to do with the exciting news. Watch this space though, and yes there’s a […]

Open Source Software

I think it’s time I schooled a few people on what Open Source Code is. Go to this link here, to find out a bit more. This in direct comparison to proprietary software is software that as the name implies has the code that makes it possible open for anyone to modify and add to. […]

Creative BOOM

It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these days. I’ve just completed the pencils of the first drawing I’ve completed in nearly 2 years. When I say drawing I’m talking pencil paper, nothing else, eventually pen and ink, and then if I’m feeling incredibly crazy watercolours as well. That means complete physical tools […]

October is upon us

Hmm, man this year has flown by. I mean maybe the fact that I’m actually documenting this year through this blog I’m actually feeling it pass by faster, but it puts loads of things into perspective, and you can actually see the time ticking away, and having that urge, and need to actually try and […]