November 2004
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Chameleon Update

Just in case you were wondering how it’s going, I can happily report that we’re sooo much closer. I say we as I’ve brought David Prince to help me out in the final stages of the project. It’s been a pretty productive week I’ve got to admit. The core pages are all working fine […]

Kilburn Centre

Don’t generally talk about work but for all you boys and girls out there asking yourself, what does this idiot do all day? For the past 8 months my life has been dominated by a single project that I’ve seen from competition to concept to scheme, and now I say goodbye to the Kilburn centre […]

Yasmine’s Wedding.

So it was Yasmine’s wedding on Saturday. This is wedding number 4 I get invited to this year alone.

Now you might think, well what’s wrong with that, nothing really, it’s a great and momentous occasion, only problem is I’d never been to wedding before this May. I’m 25 years old and things are starting […]

Print Sparks

About 2 weeks ago I saw a link on pixelsurgeon. It was relating to a promotion Epson were doing for their new range of printers. Basically the idea was for you to put your prefered piece of whatever, drawing/photo/design onto a cd in the resolution they required etc, and they would send you a print […]

Blender Generation v2.35

Oh yeah like I could resist not posting something about this. The new version of Blender is out, and I swear all the arguements I’ve been having with Franchesco regarding the undo system is completely moot now.

Previously in the moving of objects there was NO UNDO. This I felt was a pretty weak aspect […]

A bit of House cleaning

Just noticed I’ve got a load of posts I’ve started and to be honest never got round to finishing them off properly so I’ll finish off them all tonight and start fresh from tomorrow. Right first up a couple of months ago Richie came over, and in the biggest geek session since I was 15 […]

High Expectations.

Update: Oops, erm didn’t realise I’d closed the comments, erm if you’d like to add a comment please feel free to :).

Been a pretty productive weekend to be honest. I’ve really hammered through a load of ideas that have been floating in my head for a while now. The good news is that I’ve completed […]


I went to get measured for Yasmine’s wedding next week. Since I was in the Oxford Circus area I decided to actually walk around and take in the pre-christmas atmosphere. Decided to buy a Mocha from Nero, it was without a doubt one of the worst coffee’s I’ve had in a long while. Expensive and […]

Chameleon - Teaser Trailer 2

Anyone interested in being a beta tester when we get there?

November Fever

Seems it’s a Wordpress thing to update your site in November. Over at threeoh they host May Reboot, erm every May. It’s a nice way of visiting several websites all launching new interfaces around the same exact time. It makes it into a creative period and helps exposure. There’s bound to be a gem […]

Blender Generation

Damn, I’ve been spending a lot more time learning blender (that animation isn’t mine by the way, off google), and the more I get into it the more impressed I generally am by this application. It’s pretty damn powerful stuff. Once you get past the whole setup really it’s a lovely little program, that’s got […]

Chameleon - Release Date

So the release date is:

22 Novemeber 2004

So yesterday was a very significant day in the development of Chameleon. We more or less finished it. Rootie put the xhtml tag to check the validation and it came back with ONLY 7 errors the first time out the door. This for me was a massive achievement, as […]