December 2004
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Tsunami Relief

One of the worst disasters in recent memory deserves your attention. I was going to get going on this subject sometime next week when I was back in the UK but I guess there’s no time like the present.

If you live in the UK then you can do that much more good by donating […]


Can’t seem to get to sleep. There’s this fantastic song by Bobby Gaylor, called Suicide. It’s something akin to what Buz Leurmann did for the Sunscreen song. In it there’s a line that says:

‘no more sleepless summer nights that seem to go on forever’

For the past week Stathi and I have been going on […]

Living in an Amstel ad

There used to be an advert in Greece, and as most greek adverts it was shit. You had Chris Isaak in the background, two 30 year olds bump into each other and remember a time when they were good friends, and were drinking Amstel so they go off and have another Amstel reminding each other […]

Drawing and creating

Damn. I’ve been stuck in front of my computer for too long I think. I mean, I’ve been back in Greece for 2 days and already I sorted out at a conceptual level the logo design I’ve been promising Alfie for like 2 months. It’s incredibly simple and yet has everything we’ve talked about all […]

Manji for Drupal

Well here’s the first Manji port I know of. I believe a textpattern version is in the works as well. However Chris over at has already ported Manji over for Drupal 4.5 . I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the man for all his work on it.

The page with all the […]

Homeward Bound

So I’m back in Greece for the next 10 days, and there are soo many things I miss. For a start I’ve got to say that I really miss driving. I miss the fact that I can go out at night and not worry when or how I’m going to get back. I miss that […]

Rian Hughes

Over a year ago I went the then newly located to London Rana to an art exhibition by one of my all time favourite designers in the world. The man is seriously brilliant. I later find out that a great deal of the design (mainly logos) for a great number of comics I used to […]

Manji v1.01

Damn no matter how hard you try there’s always something you miss. I honestly don’t know why this didn’t show up on the radar when I originally released this. The problem is very minor and is found in the about, links and archives pages. Seems the code is causing an extra gap in where there […]

Manji Version 1.0 Official Release

This marks the official release of Manji. I released the Preview version a little over 2 weeks ago. I think the preview was a great idea because I got so much feedback of what was broken and where. Somethings I was fully aware of others I was a bit in the dark about, so I’d […]

Site Update and Manji

I’ve been concentrating the last few days on the design of BK v2. The thing is usually I have the most fun at this stage and really go a bit mental. I’ve already got like 4 designs, but I’m not happy with any of them right now. It’s very strange but I’m having a really […]


Damn that was painful. Stathi’s in need of a job, so he’s doing what every sane person in his situation would do, apply, apply and then apply some more. I remember those days, and I’ve got to say that I’m seriously feeling for the guy. It’s such an aweful thing to have to go through, […]

Delayed Actions

That was a pretty good evening actually. Went to my most favourite place in Camden (and currently in all of London as well) Tupello Honey, had some fantastic carrot cake straight from the over, PLENTY of icing on top, and a nice cappuccino. So I’m sitting there with Alfonso and we’re discussing our ‘other’ lives […]

Do you speak Manji?

Right this is the last post I make regarding Manji until I’ve released version 1.0. There has been development on this. Most of the issues I had have been sorted out to be honest. I had this massive list of around 15 things that I had to go through, that to be honest some of […]


It’s a three point play and Manji is on fire. The latest spotlight is on James’ rendition. James is actually one of the beta testers, which is why in the footer he’s got the name Chameleon rather than Manji, but that’s because he has the pre-preview release of it (and you thought I ran into […]

It’s Showtime.

Not to sound like an idiot but I’ve got one word. Absolutely Incredible.

Gearing Up to Manji 1.0

Before anyone gets confused I did say that the downloadable theme is actually a preview. That being said I’ve more or less hammered all the validation and cross-browser issues associated with the theme. It’s been a pretty productive night to be honest. I had nine points I’d jotted down that I needed to go through, […]


Now see this is interesting. Basically it’s a javascript you install on your server and link up your header to it. Dumbs everything down so that the way it was coded for a web compliant browser shows up on IE.

The website is courtesy of one Dean Edwards. I would have loved this for version 1.0 […]

ipod madness

So I’ve been playing around with my ipod this evening, just wasted, literally wasted 3 hours doing nothing but getting pissed off at itunes and firewire cables. Seems the updated software doesn’t work with the ipod I’ve got, and furthermore itunes doesn’t play nice unless I’ve connected my ipod first. Damn that took a while […]

After Manji

Man, I’m completely overwhelmed by the response Manji has received so far.

The critics have come back
If this was a movie this post here by Chris would be considered a ‘GLOW REVIEW, THUMBS UP!’. Aaand my head’s just exploded. So I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who’s said really nice things […]

Weekend Foolery

Hmm that was a pretty good weekend actually. I went to the DesignateOnline Forum meetup on saturday. Seems this is the third time it’s held, and basically it’s a bunch of graphic designers from all over the UK come down to London, talk socialise and generally have a bit of fun, putting faces […]

Manji 1.0

As promised today sees the release of Nebula Flavoured Manji Version 1.0 preview. I do apologise that it’s not the official final 1.0 version but I’ve come to accept that the design on Manji is going to be fluid in nature. I’m pretty confident with this release. Is it perfect? Not yet, but I think […]

Broken Kode Version 2.0 Preview

Manji Introduction. The first time I talked about Manji was in this post right here. That was on the 28th of September. The name of the theme changed to Chameleon, however I quickly realised that the name was common in it’s use on the internet for various programs, so I had to rethink my name, and […]

Version 1.0

Is about to be live for the final time today. I’m going to be switching to the default Manji theme and Wordpress 1.3, please excuse the mess while I upgrade.

Update: That was a lot easier than I thought to be honest. I’m going to be show casing Manji for the first time right here. I’ll […]


Today’s been a strange day as my ego has had a pretty thorough bashing. Started off at work when we had a design review for the over project I’m working on right now, and while that’s not really that bad a thing as my design is pretty good, not perfect by any stretch of the […]

‘Chameleon’ Version 1.0 Beta Complete

Yeah I’ve still not decided on the final name for the template, although I can say that the Beta version is complete. There are some tweaks I’d like to get done and then clean up the code.

The beta testers should be getting an e-mail from me sometime tomorrow I hope. This’ll tell me where it […]

DO LONDON Competition

OK people this is a self indulgence issue. I’d love it if you could all go over to this here website address

And if you could vote for my entry. That would be NUMBER ELEVEN. That’s 11. Here’s a picture of the beermatt I designed, now I don’t think I’ll win, but it was pretty good […]