Can’t seem to get to sleep. There’s this fantastic song by Bobby Gaylor, called Suicide. It’s something akin to what Buz Leurmann did for the Sunscreen song. In it there’s a line that says:

‘no more sleepless summer nights that seem to go on forever’

For the past week Stathi and I have been going on stakeouts. It’s pretty stupid but great at the same time. Basically we get a couple of hot chocolates or coffees at like 3am in the morning, sit in a car (mine or his) and talk about everything under the sun. Usually we end up analysing life the universe and women of course. The car is always parked in front of the house, but for some reason it’s more fun to sit in the car.

No stake out tonight, can’t get to sleep, and it’s not even summer. Hope everyone has fun tomorrow night.


  1. man i actually could do witha stake out now…

    CoCo Rocks!!!! He is really fucken cool…. what can i say… I am a flood of inspiration to you while i wash glasses!!!

    Did you speak to the koulouraki in the end… you know which one i am talking about!

    1 Stathis