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Shuttle Developments 01

Okay, so a couple of days ago I contacted a certain somebody (Michael) to see if they wanted to join in the development of ‘Shuttle’ after I saw this post. It took a couple of days but I can proudly announce the addition of one Michael Heilemann to the Shuttle Development Team. So the […]

FW27 Launched

Fantastic stuff. I’m getting really excited in the leadup to the new F1 season. My sunday just hasn’t been the same without F1 somewhere there, screwing up my timetable, as I have to work around the schedule. What can I say I’m an F1 junkie. Probably due to NBA deprevation, but hey you’ve got […]

Introducing Manji2

Okay so here it is. I’ve set up a live preview for you to have a look at the theme and so any modifications, additions, alterations, bugs whatever will be talked about it there.

Manji2 Live Preview

The structure was changed slightly for Manji2. The sidebar content code was nicked from the WP default. […]

Thirteen Senses

Hmm I better not jinx this, but so far it’s two in two for music this week. Laurent comes into my room and hands me a CD.

‘Listen to this I think you’ll like it’
‘Where’d you hear about it?’
‘On the tube.’

I didn’t get round to listening to the album till Saturday, and god damn is […]


Oh my it’s been a while since I was excited about new music. In fact the last time I talked about new music was in this post here. While at work, I keep tabs on Greece, while listening to RedFM. It’s my local station in Athens, and while the ads are shit, and the audio […]


A 2 column official Manji flavour is being prepped. Just doing some code restructuring and getting everything as easy to customise as the original Manji theme. It’s the most demanded ‘how-to’ I get (and have gotten in the past) and while it goes against the grain for me, I’d rather have it done properly by […]

Expression 3.3

Okay so it’s NOT open source, and you’ve got to download it from the Microsoft website, however you’ll love me forever for this little nugget of a software. I found out about it via DIGIT magazine. Of course something like Computer Arts should also be saying something, however they’re corporate whores that obviously get paid […]

Clarifications Abound.

Seems the person(s) behind Library Planet were none too pleased about my previous post. They’ve chosen to talk about it on their site rather than comment directly, probably because they thought that might be rude. Just like to say right out, when I type anything ‘controversial’ I’m not doing this to be controversial, nor […]

Alia’s Mission

I fucking hate Bush and his administration. I’m not a violent man, but if I was sitting in the same room as George DUBAYOU I would probably go completely savage. I have such contempt for the ‘man’ and I use that term very loosely. What makes me more mad than the killing of civilians, and […]

Superman & Smallville.

Seems like old Supes is getting back into the mainstream in a big way in the coming year. The invasion has already started although it’s been building up for a massive explosion sometime in 2006 I would think. What makes me say this today? It’s the season beginner of Smallville. I don’t watch TV. Or […]

London Living

That’s what I wanted to talk about. I knew there was something I needed to write a post about, but I only remembered once I was going to Bar Tok. I’m not going to talk about Bar Tok…yet, that’s for another installment, but I’m going to talk about general life in London. I don’t intend […]

In a vacuum.

Bit of a slow day today. Losts of coding today, sorting out the Manji Preview blog. Finally sorted out the header image in a way I’m slightly more comfortable with. I’ve been hacking into the wordpress admin side of things, making it easier for me to actually post things the way I want to. It’s […]

Manji Live Preview

Ok I finally got round to it, even though it only took a few minutes to set up, it’s just been on the backburner. So if you’ve got any ideas, or if you’ve got any bugs you’d like to report then go there and give me a shout.


Illustration GO!!!

So the new Computer Arts issue is out. I guess I’ve got a love/hate relationship with this magazine. Generally speaking I can’t wait to get it and when I do it takes me a total of 2 days to read through EVERY SINGLE page, and get annoyed by the corporate whoring of EVEYRTHING. I guess […]

Manji Spotlight: 2 With Spirit

It’s been a while since I posted one of these, and this is definitely not a slant on all you beautiful people that have been slaving away on your superb Manji designs it’s just that this one as I’m sure you’ll agree truely does deserve a mention.

2 With Spirit

It belongs to Catonya and […]

I’m a Genius

There should be more people like me in Holllywwooood (think Bill Hicks when saying that in your head). Loads of new goodies over at the official Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Why am I a genius you ask? If I may refer you to this here post from over a year ago. See […]


Well that was fun. No not the game. Haven’t played the game (or any video game for that matter for donkey’s). The message boards got hit by the friggin phpbb worms attack and so my hosting service decided to suspend my account. Yeah like I said fun. I’ll tell you what’s annoying, having sent an […]

25th Hour

A Spike Lee joint.

That kind of says it all doesn’t it? I think this review will appeal a bit more to those that have actually seen the movie rather than those that haven’t. There aren’t any spoilers here, but based on the rating I give it, I suggest you go and get it if […]

Static Pages Overload

Just thought I’d highlight a couple of new pages added to the site. I will say this, it takes a lot of time and effort to make a site whole. Makes me really appreciate other sites a lot more that I know the guys and gals have put soo much effort into them. I will […]


So I decided to go by Warren’s website, to see what he’s up to. For the uninitiated, Warren Ellis is a comic book writer. He’s really hot and cold with me to be honest. Sometimes he writes something that I think is absolutely stunning in quality and then he goes and writes some psycho thriller […]

Wandering Mind

My mind is wondering this morning. I’ve got more projects on my plate than I care to think about, so I’m going to brain dump right now, go out for a walk and maybe grab a coffee, regroup my thoughts.

Nick Heidfeld is going to be racing for Williams next year. No it’s not official news […]

Manji 2 Columns

One of the most common questions on the boards, is how do you add another column for Manji. Now I’d originally decided not to ever release Manji with two columns, and the reason for that is simple, just about all blogging themes have got at least two columns. Some might argue for good reason. I […]

Specifically about Copyright

I promise this is like literally the last time I talk about this. I finally got EVERYTHING clear in my head about this. After the previous post Carthik said,

GPL is a license, and only that.
The author or designer of the things you mentioned do have the copyright, and they preserve it.
GPL is the license […]

Shuttle Icon Version 0.1

For the previously mentioned Shuttle Project.

Templates License and Manji

Hmm, ok after I wrote my previous post I strolled over to this link over at podz’s website. For those in the dark, Podz is an incredibly helpful chap. He’s always online answering questions on the wordpress forums and should be given a medal. He was going to help out with Manji as well which […]

Credits Clarification for Manji

In my trolls around the internet I’ve seen several conflicting footers with regards to credits to Manji. I guess this is my fault since to be honest I don’t have a readme file that states any of this. I’m going to hopefully finish this off in the next couple of days along with the user […]

Building Letters - Tsunami Relief

Found the link for this on the Designate Online forums. The following is taken from the Building Letters page for the Tsunami Relief effort:


As a core element of this issue, Max Kisman suggested to ask type designers, designers, artists and illustrators to produce one flower each, that will be published in the magazine as […]


So I’m talking with my brother, asking him how he’s getting along, seeing if he’s integrating with the local culture.

Joined a sorority yet? GAMA ALPHA BETA
Haha! Asshole! nobody in my dorms are in cause we’re the Ghetto people! we live in the projects……we cant afford $500 a year
You serious??????
You have to pay $500?
Yeah…per year
That’s […]


I’m going to start posting reviews on software you might not know about that you really should be using, or could greatly benefit from using. There’s like 10 I’ve got in mind right now, but I’m really hoping that the list will actually increase as time goes by, since I love to use and support […]

CoCo Musings

This is a long one (roughly 1600 words), so I guess grab a coffee and chill.

CoCo Flavoured Manji

I’ll be posting a much more indepth post about the thought processes and ideas and what was used to make Broken Kode Version 2.0 a reality and what still needs to be done. I guess this is like my ‘beta’ version. I’ve still got validation and clean-up code, but I really want to see it […]


BrokenKode version 2.0 - countdown.

Graphic Perseptions 0.1

I think I’m going to start blogging about comics a bit more this year. I’m not going to comment on every bit of news that comes my way, just things that I find pretty interesting, as a mark for the future, what to keep an eye out for etc. So lets have a look at […]

Cleaning up

So I’ve been doing a bit of a tidy up of this site. So I’ve got no drafts, no unused plugins, and I’ve streamlined the categories, which basically made me thing that I’m not really using the blog for some of the ideas I had, which were to talk about other things that really interest […]

In Review - 2004

What a year. I honestly can’t believe this year has already come and gone. Yesterday also marked the first full year of blogging, although not a full year of BrokenKode.

I’ve been writing this entry for a few days now, and it keeps growing and growing, and to be honest the more I write the […]

Progress on all fronts

I turn around for like one minute and bam, everyone’s been busy with all sorts of things left right and centre. I feel like I didn’t achieve much this christmas while everyone else was hard at work on various projects here and there.

Don’t believe me, let’s start with Matt, man’s just released bbPress. […]

New Year List 2005

Wish I’d done this last year so that I could actually see what I completed and what I didn’t, what took preference over what and why. So what are my plans for the coming 12 months. No one can predict the future, no matter how hard they try convincing you otherwise, however this is what […]


So my brother’s in the states now. How the hell did that happen? Well his Uni screwed the funds closed down and the main centre in California took in all the displaced students.

This move of his seriously takes me back to 1997, and the start of my Uni years. You go there, not knowing […]