Manji 2 Columns

One of the most common questions on the boards, is how do you add another column for Manji. Now I’d originally decided not to ever release Manji with two columns, and the reason for that is simple, just about all blogging themes have got at least two columns. Some might argue for good reason. I tend to believe that in order to keep Manji unique, I would keep it single column, and that was the philosphy.

Of course even I’ve resorted to doing a two column layout within Manji, and it’s been there since the day I released version 1.0, on the official Manji download page. Is it hard to implement, no not really. So here it is for all you crazy cats that have decided to go to the wordpress boards with this question after I told you NO _, yeah that’s right I’m looking at you, I’ll spill the BIG secret.

Eventually I guess I might release another Manji flavour, but the Nebula Flavoured Manji will always be single column.

In the CSS, add the following lines:

.doublecolumns { }

float: right;
width: 350px;

float: left;
width: 150px;

Where you’re going to have your posts edit them in the following way (I’ve included SPACES so that the code can actually show up):

< div class=”doublecolumns”> < div class=”leftcolumn”>
Where you’ll place all your links and other stuff. < / div>
< div class=”rightcolumn”>
Where the entries go.
< / div >
< div class=”clearer”> < / div > < !- - You must have this, otherwise it won’t wrap around itself - - >

Pretty simple I know. In fact if anyone had looked at the Manji download page, their problem would have been solved instantly _.


  1. opps, maybe I shouldn’t have messed with this sidebar thing for Tronfi :p sorry khaled I’ll let him refer to your site for information on this.

    1 scott
  2. Your totally right about the sidebar, it takes away from the theme. A seperate page like your Manji page is much better if people want to show extra features.

    2 scott
  3. Nah dude, it was all bound to happen, it’s like the standard question. It’s all completely cool with me, just surprised no one picked it up from the manji page is all, as they had to download the theme :).

    That Chris doesn’t waste much time with Drupal does he. Hmm might have to give Drupal a look into and see what it looks like.

    3 khaled
  4. I do not know very clearly like putting to sidebar in Manji, could explain it to me?

    4 JuanPa
  5. Thank you very much!!!! but I have some problems implemeting it on 1.5
    Could some one please let me know where to put this code and where to end it? Thanks i very dummy for css and php.

    5 JuanManuel
  6. Seriously guys, the above should explain everything. Think of the ID=content as your rightcolumn as given above, and then you ADD an other class in there called leftcolumn, follow the above and that should be it.

    Also please refer to actually posting Manji specific questions on the boards:

    6 khaled
  7. I just find out the Manji V1 version something wrong, the issure is when I add the “nextpage” tag in entry, thats work can show the page in main page, but when I go in the entry, that no show the page , just saw the storycontent and feelback .

    Can you help for fix this asap?

    Example : , title is ” å¦�ä½�é��ç�¨ Riva 製ä½�網ä¸� Videoï¼�”

    you can see three page on the main index, but after click in this entry, you cant see the page.

    like :

    7 Mons
  8. Yeah Mons, sorry dude, but that’s a known bug. I’ve been meaning to work out why the nextpage function doesn’t work. When I work it out I’ll be sure to post it on the Manji preview website:

    8 khaled