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An itch to scratch

I’m currently in Greece for a full 2 weeks. I’ve been looking forward to this break for well over a month now, hell I’ve been looking forward to this break for at least 3 months. I didn’t go anywhere during the summer period, which was probably the worst thing to do for my psyche to […]

New Rin and Manji Flavours coming soon

Just thought I’d give all the crazy cats out there looking for some different Rin and Manji flavours a nice treat. It might seem as though I’ve neglected my little themes, but I have not forsaken them. I’ve had a couple of flavours (different coats of paint) sitting on my harddrive waiting for me to […]

Rin version 1.1

It’s been a long time coming, just needed to find a couple of hours to do the necessary dirty and sort it all out.

I’ve brought the php code inline with standard theme mark up. This actually prevented a couple of people from installing the theme. So for all those people that tried and didn’t succeed, […]

Manji and Rin Update

It would seem I’ve finished work on Rin and Manji wouldn’t it? It would seem that way, but that would be a lie. I’ve been compiling information and ideas from people on the Broken Kode Boards, on the WordPress Boards, e-mails people have sent and even reviews people have written. There is a lot of […]

The Award Winning Rin.

Rin got second place in the Alex King Theme Design Competition!

Well it’s not really an award, it’s a competition I know, but still it’s the closest to an award the WordPress community has so indulge me for a moment while I bask in this feeling, and go through this little acceptance speech, honest it’s not […]

Introducing Rin

Okay it’s finally here. After nearly 2 months, and 2000 downloads later, Manji2 has now blossomed into Rin. The major differences between this and the Beta version and the final release is really in the stylings. There have been some tweaks in the code, but those are just falling in line with the developments for […]

Rin - Coming Soon

Manji2 is NO MORE. I hinted at this before. Manji2 is being renamed Rin. I’ve spent the entire evening sorting out the final release. There has been a lot of stylistic changes to the final theme. I’m currently working on the icons which will accompany it. The first flavour to be released will be Nebular. […]

Manji Update - WordPress 1.5 Version

Manji is finally prepped and ready for WordPress Version 1.5.

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who’s taken an interest in Manji. It’s been an absolute joy watching all you wonderful people who have taken the code made it your own and come up with some fantastic designs. I’ve got to setup […]

WordPress Theme Competition

So Monsieur Alex King has begun his second annual WordPress Theme design competition. Interesting. Now I remember a few people got really annoyed with the last one of these, and while I really am with Alex on the reason behind the competition I can see where the apprehension can come from.

Will I be entering the […]

BK 2.5, Manji Update & CSS culture.

This is going to be a pretty large one people as I’ve spent the past 4 days trying to get this to all work nicely together. As you’ll notice Broken Kode has now got a new front page, as I mentioned a little while back. This is about why, how and what I’ve learnt in […]

Manji 1.1

I’ve tweaked the Manji code very slightly, just a couple of minor things, I’ll put them in the change log on the preview site, which had something really stupid happen to it after the move. I’m still investigating to see what the problem was and restore everything back to normal.

The major difference is the addition […]

Introducing Manji2

Okay so here it is. I’ve set up a live preview for you to have a look at the theme and so any modifications, additions, alterations, bugs whatever will be talked about it there.

Manji2 Live Preview

The structure was changed slightly for Manji2. The sidebar content code was nicked from the WP default. […]


A 2 column official Manji flavour is being prepped. Just doing some code restructuring and getting everything as easy to customise as the original Manji theme. It’s the most demanded ‘how-to’ I get (and have gotten in the past) and while it goes against the grain for me, I’d rather have it done properly by […]

Manji Live Preview

Ok I finally got round to it, even though it only took a few minutes to set up, it’s just been on the backburner. So if you’ve got any ideas, or if you’ve got any bugs you’d like to report then go there and give me a shout.


Manji Spotlight: 2 With Spirit

It’s been a while since I posted one of these, and this is definitely not a slant on all you beautiful people that have been slaving away on your superb Manji designs it’s just that this one as I’m sure you’ll agree truely does deserve a mention.

2 With Spirit

It belongs to Catonya and […]

Manji 2 Columns

One of the most common questions on the boards, is how do you add another column for Manji. Now I’d originally decided not to ever release Manji with two columns, and the reason for that is simple, just about all blogging themes have got at least two columns. Some might argue for good reason. I […]

Specifically about Copyright

I promise this is like literally the last time I talk about this. I finally got EVERYTHING clear in my head about this. After the previous post Carthik said,

GPL is a license, and only that.
The author or designer of the things you mentioned do have the copyright, and they preserve it.
GPL is the license […]

Templates License and Manji

Hmm, ok after I wrote my previous post I strolled over to this link over at podz’s website. For those in the dark, Podz is an incredibly helpful chap. He’s always online answering questions on the wordpress forums and should be given a medal. He was going to help out with Manji as well which […]

Credits Clarification for Manji

In my trolls around the internet I’ve seen several conflicting footers with regards to credits to Manji. I guess this is my fault since to be honest I don’t have a readme file that states any of this. I’m going to hopefully finish this off in the next couple of days along with the user […]

Progress on all fronts

I turn around for like one minute and bam, everyone’s been busy with all sorts of things left right and centre. I feel like I didn’t achieve much this christmas while everyone else was hard at work on various projects here and there.

Don’t believe me, let’s start with Matt, man’s just released bbPress. […]

Manji for Drupal

Well here’s the first Manji port I know of. I believe a textpattern version is in the works as well. However Chris over at ichris.ws has already ported Manji over for Drupal 4.5 . I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the man for all his work on it.

The page with all the […]

Manji v1.01

Damn no matter how hard you try there’s always something you miss. I honestly don’t know why this didn’t show up on the radar when I originally released this. The problem is very minor and is found in the about, links and archives pages. Seems the code is causing an extra gap in where there […]

Manji Version 1.0 Official Release

This marks the official release of Manji. I released the Preview version a little over 2 weeks ago. I think the preview was a great idea because I got so much feedback of what was broken and where. Somethings I was fully aware of others I was a bit in the dark about, so I’d […]

Delayed Actions

That was a pretty good evening actually. Went to my most favourite place in Camden (and currently in all of London as well) Tupello Honey, had some fantastic carrot cake straight from the over, PLENTY of icing on top, and a nice cappuccino. So I’m sitting there with Alfonso and we’re discussing our ‘other’ lives […]

Do you speak Manji?

Right this is the last post I make regarding Manji until I’ve released version 1.0. There has been development on this. Most of the issues I had have been sorted out to be honest. I had this massive list of around 15 things that I had to go through, that to be honest some of […]


It’s a three point play and Manji is on fire. The latest spotlight is on James’ rendition. James is actually one of the beta testers, which is why in the footer he’s got the name Chameleon rather than Manji, but that’s because he has the pre-preview release of it (and you thought I ran into […]

Gearing Up to Manji 1.0

Before anyone gets confused I did say that the downloadable theme is actually a preview. That being said I’ve more or less hammered all the validation and cross-browser issues associated with the theme. It’s been a pretty productive night to be honest. I had nine points I’d jotted down that I needed to go through, […]


Now see this is interesting. Basically it’s a javascript you install on your server and link up your header to it. Dumbs everything down so that the way it was coded for a web compliant browser shows up on IE.

The website is courtesy of one Dean Edwards. I would have loved this for version 1.0 […]

After Manji

Man, I’m completely overwhelmed by the response Manji has received so far.

The critics have come back
If this was a movie this post here by Chris would be considered a ‘GLOW REVIEW, THUMBS UP!’. Aaand my head’s just exploded. So I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who’s said really nice things […]

Manji 1.0

As promised today sees the release of Nebula Flavoured Manji Version 1.0 preview. I do apologise that it’s not the official final 1.0 version but I’ve come to accept that the design on Manji is going to be fluid in nature. I’m pretty confident with this release. Is it perfect? Not yet, but I think […]

Broken Kode Version 2.0 Preview

Manji Introduction. The first time I talked about Manji was in this post right here. That was on the 28th of September. The name of the theme changed to Chameleon, however I quickly realised that the name was common in it’s use on the internet for various programs, so I had to rethink my name, and […]

Version 1.0

Is about to be live for the final time today. I’m going to be switching to the default Manji theme and Wordpress 1.3, please excuse the mess while I upgrade.

Update: That was a lot easier than I thought to be honest. I’m going to be show casing Manji for the first time right here. I’ll […]

‘Chameleon’ Version 1.0 Beta Complete

Yeah I’ve still not decided on the final name for the template, although I can say that the Beta version is complete. There are some tweaks I’d like to get done and then clean up the code.

The beta testers should be getting an e-mail from me sometime tomorrow I hope. This’ll tell me where it […]

Chameleon Update

Just in case you were wondering how it’s going, I can happily report that we’re sooo much closer. I say we as I’ve brought David Prince to help me out in the final stages of the project. It’s been a pretty productive week I’ve got to admit. The core pages are all working fine […]

Print Sparks

About 2 weeks ago I saw a link on pixelsurgeon. It was relating to a promotion Epson were doing for their new range of printers. Basically the idea was for you to put your prefered piece of whatever, drawing/photo/design onto a cd in the resolution they required etc, and they would send you a print […]

High Expectations.

Update: Oops, erm didn’t realise I’d closed the comments, erm if you’d like to add a comment please feel free to :).

Been a pretty productive weekend to be honest. I’ve really hammered through a load of ideas that have been floating in my head for a while now. The good news is that I’ve completed […]

Chameleon - Teaser Trailer 2

Anyone interested in being a beta tester when we get there?

Chameleon - Release Date

So the release date is:

22 Novemeber 2004

So yesterday was a very significant day in the development of Chameleon. We more or less finished it. Rootie put the xhtml tag to check the validation and it came back with ONLY 7 errors the first time out the door. This for me was a massive achievement, as […]

Chameleon - Alpha Testing

A few people have guessed what Chameleon is, so for all those in the dark about a month ago I contacted Rootie over at atthe404 asking him if he would like to join me on this idea I had for a wordpress template that would be slotted in no fuss no huss when Version 1.3 […]

Chameleon - Teaser Trailer

You are a chameleon; very changeable- as the chameleon changes its hue to that of contiguous objects. â��As the chameleon, who is known To have no colours of its own, But borrows from his neighbour’s hue, His white or black, his green or blue.â�� Change your opinions as a chameleon changes its colour. […]

Chameleon - Coming Soon

Manji is born

It’s been a few days, yes I know, but hey what can I say it’s been unbelievable couple of days. My computer has completely taken my mind away. I know it sounds geeky but to be honest I really could give two shits about whatever anyone says. My computer is my portal to the world, […]