Introducing Rin

Okay it’s finally here. After nearly 2 months, and 2000 downloads later, Manji2 has now blossomed into Rin. The major differences between this and the Beta version and the final release is really in the stylings. There have been some tweaks in the code, but those are just falling in line with the developments for Manji. Rin has been submitted for the Alex King Design Competition, but I’ve got to say it’s up against some pretty awesome competition. I’ve got a pretty extensive post in me about themes, their development and the current state of affairs on the horizon, but that’s for another time.

So if you want to have a look at what Rin looks like go over here and have a look, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. (yeah I know the bloody name is still Manji2preview, I’m working on it, trust me I’ve got some pretty major updates for this place as well in the coming 12 hours or so).

As always my partner in crime Joshua did a great job with the mess I presented him.


  1. Nice work! I’m up-and-running:

    1 MacManX
  2. P.S. You may want to change your requirements on the Manji page: “Currently both themes are released for Wordpress Version 1.5 Beta.”

    2 MacManX
  3. Nice.

    3 Sean
  4. Looking fab as ever. As always, thank you (and Joshua!) for all your hard work. No doubt I’ll be colouring in a Rin near you some time soon. :)

    4 Zenith
  5. Thanks dudes, looking good James. I’m actually updating the site today so all of that stuff should hopefully be sorted out.

    5 Khaled
  6. Hi,
    For my money, RIN is easily the winner of the competition. Nice work.
    I’d like to use the “link categories” with your template on my site…how do I get this to enable?


    6 Alan
  7. Alan, in sidebar.php use get_links_list(’name’) instead of the default get_links query that’s there.

    7 MacManX
  8. What is this wierd space stuff

    8 Root
  9. Sorry dude, sorted it all out. I’ve been at this all day and so I couldn’t actually see the trees from the forest. Thanks for dropping by can always count on my buddies.

    9 Khaled