Rin version 1.1

It’s been a long time coming, just needed to find a couple of hours to do the necessary dirty and sort it all out.

  • I’ve brought the php code inline with standard theme mark up. This actually prevented a couple of people from installing the theme. So for all those people that tried and didn’t succeed, problem has been solved.
  • One of the things I love to hear about Rin and Manji is the when the user comments about the ease of modifying the code. I know exactly what it feels like when you’ve never seen CSS as structural markup and you still think tables are the way to go etc. So I’ve tidy-uped the CSS file to have a content in there, and just made it more readable.
  • Smooth Scrolling. This is an idea that I’m including in V4 and I found out how to do it from this excellent little tutorial. Easy implementation, but makes things less jarring I find.
  • Rin Manual has been updated to version 0.2

Now I’ve included the calander in the archive.php file, using the get_calander template tag, but for some reason it only shows the day which there was a post during that month. When you click on it the link goes nowhere. Anyone know what the deal is there?

I know there’s a slight conflict with a certain spam plugin, but I can’t find the information, so if you know what I’m talking about drop me a line.

Download Rin v1.1


  1. Excellent! Downloading right now…

    1 David Babylon
  2. Great! I might be using this theme for the next update on my blog. Thanks for your hard work.

    2 ceprix
  3. is there a demo anywhere?

    3 indi
  4. Live preview link on the right hand side of the download page.

    4 Khaled
  5. I loved Rin 1.0 very elegantly minimalist. Heres to many more 0.1 upgrades ;-)

    5 Daniel
  6. Nice & Great theme … ;)

    6 Ali_ix
  7. Nice! I’ve tweaked it (very) slightly to my site’s needs, but it is the best looking Wordpress theme around and, unlike some of the other nice-looking ones, is not impossible to get to do what you want it to.

    7 David Russell