February 2005
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WordPress Theme Competition

So Monsieur Alex King has begun his second annual WordPress Theme design competition. Interesting. Now I remember a few people got really annoyed with the last one of these, and while I really am with Alex on the reason behind the competition I can see where the apprehension can come from.

Will I be entering the […]

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

I don’t play computer games. Takes too much of my very precious time. I’ve got a list the size of my arm in terms of things I want to do that playing video games just seems like a complete and utter waste. However the only PS game I own is Final Fantasy VII. I loved […]

Emmortel or Iliosnare

Now here’s an interesting situation for me. I just got an e-mail from Godaddy, my domain registration site, and they’re asking me whether or not I want to re-register iliosnare.com. I bought the domain last year and I’ve not touched it since then. I’ve thought about it, but I just wasn’t ready to do with […]

Smax the Barbarian

I’ve not read an Alan Moore book in a very very long time. Too long by my standards. I went through a massive Alan Moore phase 6 months back. Would buy something that had just come back into print every week, but I kinda wanted a bit of a breather. Not because Alan Moore got […]

BK 2.5, Manji Update & CSS culture.

This is going to be a pretty large one people as I’ve spent the past 4 days trying to get this to all work nicely together. As you’ll notice Broken Kode has now got a new front page, as I mentioned a little while back. This is about why, how and what I’ve learnt in […]

Joss Whedon’s Firefly

Last week I bought the Firefly box set. This was an actual impulse buy. My housemate at University, 3 1/2 years ago now, was heavily into Buffy at the time. I couldn’t get into it for the life of me. The reasons where very simple, I couldn’t get into the whole concept, and Buffy herself […]

Communicating Design

What a fantastic day. Went on a course today called ‘Communicating Design’ and it’s emphasis was on how we as engineers could basically better communicate our designs to each other, architects, clients, everybody. It’s the first workshop I’ve been on like this in a good long while. The great thing about it is that I […]

CoCo 2 1/2

I’ve literally wasted 2 evening on trying to sort out my bloody update to the site. I was only intending it to be a slight tweak. Spent yesterday trying to work out how to make navigation bars in CSS lists,…the way I wanted. See that’s the crux of it. I have a navigation list but […]

Portraits II - Trees of Thought

Right after University I spent a few months learning how to draw faces. I spent the better part of 3 months drawing portraits of my friends to understand exactly what the structure of a face is. From this little exercise I even got one of these drawing up in the Hype Gallery last year which […]

Effects of the Net Boycott

Well, I know I said I was going to actually stay away from the net for 2 whole days. I couldn’t do it. I had to check my e-mails. I had to see everything was ok on the net. Strange nothing really much to report, a couple of cool pictures from the WonderCon convention, but […]

Turn off the NET

I don’t watch TV, but I’m pretty much glued to the damn internet. It’s a curse to have broadband because you’re always connected. I’ve been thinking about my list of never ending things to do and the more I think about it the more I think about why it’s taking so long. The reason can […]

Epson Promotion

I know this is old news to some people within the creative community, but for all those that don’t know about this, Epson are doing a promotion for their new printing technologies. The deal is you register and then send them a CD with whatever you want printed out. They then print it out on […]

The Smashing Pumpkins

For me the Pumpkins are a way of life. 10 years ago I bought Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, and it’s easy to say that my life changed from that day. Yes I’d heard of the Smashing Pumpkins before that, in fact I’d seen the ‘Today’ video clip waay before then, but I was […]

It’s all in the details

I’ve been giving this all some serious thought and I think I’ll be changing the index page to BK in the near future. I guess it’s due to a shift in how I want to present my posts. Some of my posts I feel are articles that take me hours to craft and I’d ideally […]

Rafik El Hariri

El Hariri died today. The ex-Prime Minister of Lebanon was assasinated today. When I found out this afternoon I was in complete and utter shock. I seriously didn’t know what to say or do with myself. You’d think I wouldn’t care about a politician. This is different though. It’s different because it means a […]

Wordpress Ethos.

In case you’ve missed it there has been some talk around a WordPress manual as proposed by Larry Ayers. This would be a manual of sorts to help out the newcomer etc. Seems that Larry has contacted Matt about this and there wasn’t any else doing something similar, soo Larry thought it best to get […]

Firefox 1.0

Continuing my open-source software reviews, I’ve turned my attention to the brilliant Firefox. I’m writing this review for a few reasons, mainly because I’m getting tired of telling people the same thing again and again, in spreading the word on Firefox. This makes my life a whole lot easier.

Easily my favourite and most used application. […]

Support and Self Pubulishing

Oh dear, that’s really not good. Podzy seems to be a bit unhappy about what’s going on with people using his guides to make money. Podz has spends HOURS on the forums helping people out whenever he can. He’s also responsible for both writing up and hosting the WP guides, which for many people (myself […]

Chinese New Year

Picture the scene, 2000 chinese and me. That was the scene last night, as we descended on Elephant and Castle for the Chinese New Years Party. It’s pretty funny, Sylvane apparently wasn’t ‘feeling’ 100% so he declined to go and Amone decided not to come ‘because she was broke’, so as the night unravelled, it […]


I’m surprised all the usual comic book websites haven’t picked this up. Usuaully they’re the first to pick this sort of thing up, soo what I’ll do is I’ll talk about it here and then I’ll send them an e-mail shouting and scolding them.

Seems there’s a company called Untamed Cinema that as you guessed it, […]

Rian Hughes Interview

How exactly did I miss this one, the second it came out? Go over to typographica and have a read of a pretty good interview with Rian Hughes, desigener, illustrator and typographer extrodinaire. I’ll be sure to check out that little catalogue they mention at the bottom.

I wish I could buy affordable prints by the […]

Manji 1.1

I’ve tweaked the Manji code very slightly, just a couple of minor things, I’ll put them in the change log on the preview site, which had something really stupid happen to it after the move. I’m still investigating to see what the problem was and restore everything back to normal.

The major difference is the addition […]

Shuttle Developments 03

What started off as one became two. Now there are three. I’ve got the honour to announce the third designer for the Shuttle. Joen Asmussen, has joined the Shuttle Development Team. I think we’ll all agree that his work speaks for itself.

And no before anyone starts cracking some joke, we’re not letting EVERYONE join the […]

Dreams and Nightmares

I can never remember my dreams. I know I dream, but it’ll be one of those things were I’ll remember something later on in the day but it won’t be in any real detail, and it’ll be a slight passing moment. I remember my nightmare though. I wake up and I know I’ve had a […]

The Technopriests

It was one of the things I on my new year’s resolution list, so this is the first in hopefully a long line of comic book reviews, or as I like to refer to them Graphic Novel reviews. The first to receive the proper treatment is The Technopriests.

Alexandro Jodorowsky is a creative genius. Now I […]


So I watched Kiki’s delivery service,…again. I guess Miyazaki’s movies are starting to replace my eternal crush on Amelie. Whenever I need to be inspired I always tend to gravitate towards the man’s work. The english translation leaves a lot to be desired from in certain areas, but nothing could take away from the magic […]

Once the dust has settled

Okay as far as I can tell the migration from Dreamhost is nearly over. It’s been one of those mornings. What I thought was a database error in actual fact a new crazy feature of the latest ‘unstable’ iteration of wordpress. Oh well, live and learn I guess. There’s a post missing, and a few […]

Something going round

I’m ill as a fart. Chicken soup, soft music to calm me, and lots of fluids. What a horrible night. Every bone in my body is aching. Every single muscle is on fire. I don’t wish this on anyone. All I want is for the weekend NOT to be a complete and utter waste of […]

Shuttle Developments 02

Just to clarify something, this “Shuttle” is NOT a fork. We’re not planning on releasing Shuttle as an alternative to Wordpress. It’s just something that can replace the existing Wordpress admin interface to be more asthetically pleasing. Are we going to add functionality? Well it kind of makes sense. Soo many things are available from […]