So I watched Kiki’s delivery service,…again. I guess Miyazaki’s movies are starting to replace my eternal crush on Amelie. Whenever I need to be inspired I always tend to gravitate towards the man’s work. The english translation leaves a lot to be desired from in certain areas, but nothing could take away from the magic of this classic. Think back to when Disney movies were actually good. Well this is better, because it’s not talking down to you in that it has to break out into a song. Don’t get me wrong nothing wrong with songs, but there was a time when Disney thought (still think I could give two monkey’s) that if it was animated it had to have a friggin singalong soundtrack to it.

Then the big ugly mouse comes out and say something as stupid as traditional cel animation is dead. Damn dawg, did anyone mention this to Miyazaki? The man creates worlds and characters that seem real even when they don’t look it. If you’re a creative soul, in any sense of the world really, you owe it to yourself to reach out and experience Miyazaki. I guarantee you’ll come back for more, whenever you need inspiration.


  1. This man does indeed make me happy. When my fiance and I first got together it was over the premise that she was going to teach me about anime (we had vaguely known each other for awhile before this). When she first introduced me to Miyazaki movies I realized I had two new loves :)

    1 Kevin