Shuttle Developments 03

What started off as one became two. Now there are three. I’ve got the honour to announce the third designer for the Shuttle. Joen Asmussen, has joined the Shuttle Development Team. I think we’ll all agree that his work speaks for itself.

And no before anyone starts cracking some joke, we’re not letting EVERYONE join the Shuttle team but I mean c’mon, HOW could you possibly say no to Joen? _.

What’s funny is that in our little research posts, people who have commented have actually linked back to Joen’s site where he’s talked about this extensively, from a design POV. Michael got talking to Joen, one thing led to another and here we are.

There are 6 people involved in this project now. Yes, 6. We’ve got 3 designers, 2 coders and Matt Mullenweg will also be looking over our shoulders making sure we don’t go completely mental, and pointing out why we shouldn’t be doing something, or going down a particular route for whatever reason, which he might have learnt about the hard way.

We’re out to make WordPress a thing of undisputed beauty, in every possible way, both on the inside and the outside.


  1. Right on, I’ve admired Joen’s work for quite some time. Expectations are going to be high on this one, can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

    1 This Is Not A Love Story
  2. yay! bring on the backend beauty!


    2 bish
  3. I can’t wait to see the results of this. Thank you all for spending the time to make a rather bland admin panel a little brighter!

    3 Zenith
  4. I’m thrilled to be part of this.

    4 Joen
  5. Make sure to include the:

    “Bring me some more coffee”

    feature everyone is clamoring for, eh?
    Father Luke

    5 Father Luke