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A view from Lebanon

Can’t believe it’s already been a week in Lebanon. I swear not having the internet in the house for my to blog about all these things on a daily basis. I think I’m going to have to invest in some moblogging (that’s equipment when I get back to England.

This has been on my […]

Lebanon Bound and other stories

This year I didn’t actually have any clear travelling plans. Usually these things fall into my lap, or it’s a standard trip to Greece. This year however I’m not in the mood to go to Athens again. Sure the parents are there but I need a bit of change. Having said, with the upcoming elections […]

EU Lance

EU Lance European Professionals for European Business, interesting site that I’ll be signing up for.

Automated Services

God how I fucking hate these things. I mean seriously, it’s the sort of thing that they put into place just to PISS people off. The worst is the ones that sit there and talk to you and ask you for your name. Once that’s done, they’ll repeat your name to you. Isn’t that nice? […]


My god for a second there I thought I’d actually forgotten what it was like to be truely inspired. I draw a lot of inspiration from graphic novels and graphic design in general. The thing is though it’s been a while since I’ve been truely inspired to do some kick ass work in the past […]

Musical Baton

Sebastian passed me a musical baton, would it have been too hard to pass me a pizza? I mean what am I supposed to do with a baton..oh wait I get it. Okay then here’s my musical baton/pizza:

Total volume of music files on my computer:
5 Gb (too many CDs, can’t be bothered to […]

Summer Playlists

It’s been a while since I actually went into a store and picked up some new music that I could genuinely get excited about. It’s one of those feelings I remember I used to get nearly every single month when I was younger. I know I’m sounding like I’m 85 but it’s true. When I […]


Morcheeba have brought out a new album. The Antidote, summer playlist.

David Choe

Great little interview with David Choe on Pixelsurgeon in case you missed it.

New DC Comics Logo - DC Spin.

Yeah like something this big was going to happen and I wasn’t going to comment on it? Haven’t I taught you anything? When I heard that this was going to happen, I swear I thought that is was a bad idea. DC’s bullet is timeless. It’s a classic and it’s something that we all know […]


Haven’t written one of these in a while, but I guess one program I use every day practically and I’m sure other people use a similar program in one form or another is the excellent Xnview.

The website says it’s got the following features:

Import about 400 graphic file formats
Export about 50 graphic file formats
Multipage TIFF, […]

Dave Chapelle

Dave Chapelle as the ‘President Black Bush’. (Thanks for the link Christos)


Designtimes , South African design Mag. I love the neat flash at the top. (via pixelsurgeon)

Slam Dunk

No I didn’t but it would be nice to experience that. However I’ve been reading Inoue Takehiko’s SLAM DUNK. This was a manga done in what it would seem the early to mid 90s. The series ran 31 volumes in Japan (each volume having around 180 pages). It was originally published in the US and […]


Go get WordPress 1.5.1. I’ve upgraded to the latest version, 170 bugs squashed. Good number.

Free Comic Book Day

Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but I really think that Free Comic Book Day is a complete crock of shit for anywhere outside of America. For those in the dark, Free Comic Book Day was inspired by Baskin Robbins Free Scoop day or some such bollocks, where you go in and get some free […]

Something Amiss within WordPress

I’ve started compiling information and ideas for what I want to do with Broken Kode. The site is a constant evolution. Everytime I get into one of these I end up knowning that much more about WordPress, PHP, CSS and other web technologies. I also end up knowing and probably contacting various plugin authors around […]

Flash Resources

Flash Resources links. Found this on my search for better Flash development.

PIM Backpackit

Backpack PIM. I was searching for something like this. Still I would have liked to have this installed on my system, like Tasks.

Manji and Rin Update

It would seem I’ve finished work on Rin and Manji wouldn’t it? It would seem that way, but that would be a lie. I’ve been compiling information and ideas from people on the Broken Kode Boards, on the WordPress Boards, e-mails people have sent and even reviews people have written. There is a lot of […]

billy corgan

Billy Corgan Live tour dates have been released; in case you missed it.


One thing that my little experience with Emmortel has proven to me is that if I’ve got a deadline I will do everything that I have to to meet that deadline. I will not cut too many corners, just be professional enough to achive a specific level that is acceptable to me. I’m a complete […]

Emmortel Goes Live

Gather round children while I explain why I’ve got an online presence at all.