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ONG-BAK. The best MAN-FLICK I’ve seen in a very long while.It’s completely RAW and the fact that it was done without all the wires and cgi that is found in every single martial arts type movie this is a massive fresh of breath air.

Podcasting Experience

So I finally got round to hearing my first set of Podcasts. These were courtesy of Augie De Blick (it’s funny by Augie’s been on the default WP theme for like over a year now, first time I’ve seen him do anything to that site is add that logo of his, which btw is a […]

V for Vendetta

One of the very few Alan Moore graphic novels I’ve not had the chance to sit down and read. I know, shocking. I’m an absolute Alan Moore nut. Even on a day of bad digestion where he’s trying to knock off a few pages to get some money (to feed his cats) and while […]

Kevin Smith

Just finished Kevin Smith’s collection of essays and articles, called ‘Silent Bob Speaks’ (his blog is called the same btw), and I’ve got to say that the man is one of the funniest guys around right now. A lot of his humor is directed at himself, as he’s got this exceptional mechanism to take whatever […]


forgetfoo is this crazy blog that takes AJAX to the next level. I absolutely love what he’s done with the functionality. Not so keen on the overall design (liquid and all) but it’s a spectacular effort.


I’ve spent over 24hours straight on my computer in the last 2 days. Truthfully speaking this really was a long time coming. I didn’t go anywhere (except to the supermarket) and just spent all day ‘drawing’. Now I’m inverting it because I’m very traditional when it comes to my classification of artwork in general. My […]

Chris Diclerico

Chris Diclerico is now on WordPress. No wonder his old feed was not working.

Floating Tents

Sorry I just had to put this up. Picture taken today (via the bbc website) of the tents at the Glastonbury Festival. There’s rain and then there’s rain. Tracey and Rupert are down there, Stathi is meant to be going down there as well. God I’m so glad I’m not going, oh so glad. Related […]

His Dark Materials in 2007?

What the fuck? Was I sleeping at the wheel when this happened? So go check this little link out will you. Apart from the very nice Optimus Prime right in the front and centre of the image, check right behind, oh yes is that the cover to Northern Lights? I think it is.

The Fantasy […]

BMW Buy Sauber

Shit. See I knew this was coming but like someone who just doesn’t want to get on the scales because they’re afraid what they’re going to see, I chose to ignore the inevitable. With BMW effectively buying out Peter Sauber, their commitment to Williams will obviously be secondary to their team proper. That’s just the […]

Welcome to BadFruit - home of BadApple software

BadApple software from BadFruit presents an ipod plugin that provides itunes with podcasting support. I’ll try this tonight and see if I can get into this pod casting malarky.

Dreamhost Test

Right this is the first time I’ve sent an actual question/request to Dreamhost since I started with them a while back. The question was why we don’t have pspell module on the server. One of the things that I would love to have in Shuttle would be the facility to have a spell checker, like […]

Shaun & Javascript Madness

So I’ve been looking at Shaun Inman’s new design. The man knows how to innovate in terms of web design that’s for sure. My main gripe with the design is that all the text is just too damn small. It looks good for sure, but in terms of it’s legibility it doesn’t score many points, […]

Batman Begins

I did originally publish this on Monday morning, but after thinking about it a bit more, I realised that I wanted to say more about the movie and ultimately write it all up in a better fashion. So this is effectively take two of this review.

Went and watched this this comic book movie on Friday […]

WordPress Dashboard

For all those experiencing the problem, and do miss the dashboard (I for one think it looks bloody empy), go check out this little fix from the forums.

Billy Corgan at the London Forum

[quickpic image=bc.jpg]

Yesterday I saw Billy Corgan at the Forum in Kentish Town. The venue itself is very much like Shepherd’s Bush, only slightly smaller I think. It’s an old victorian theatre I guess (I could be completely wrong); you’ve got an upstairs seating area, and then the downstairs stand and roam area; Stathi, Yiota and […]


Mecha photo set. God I really miss my lego.

Manchester Corporate Games 2005 - Part 2

If you missed part 1, scroll down to get the heads up.

Day two and after a big night on the town of Manchester, a £12 breakfast that Sylvane is still shaking his head about, and we’re off to the basketball centre again. We all were feeling pretty confident about ourselves, thinking we’d worked out who […]

Hacking is fun

Stathi decided to write something for my blog, the bastard came up with the below entry (first person to actually write a post other than me for the site, might be something to do in future, when they’ve actually got something useful to say :).

Well this is for all the guys especially for my […]


Microsoft finally does something with the Expression code. Go download Acrylic.

WordPress Admin Panels

[quickpic image=shuttlelogo.jpg]

I originally thought we’d have completed Shuttle a while back. Alas that has not been the case. I don’t want to say I underestimated the work, but rather, the project itself evolved into so much more than just a tweak to the css file. The reason I thought I’d talk about this is because […]

Manchester Corporate Games 2005 - Part 1

From the top left clockwise: Sylvane, Oola, Archie, Hamish, Matt, Forest, Me, Nicholas and Rob.

This was the second time the Arup basketball team entered the Corporate Games tournament. Last year we went up there, not really knowning what level of basketball to expect. The result we came out with was 6th of 16 teams. […]


Why the hell didn’t anyone tell me about Spotpress? I can see that James has posted about it. I’m using it until those lazy a$$s release Shuttle :p.

Manchester Bound - Corporate Games

Tomorrow we’re off up to Manchester for the Corporate Games. The irony of the name is seriously not lost on me. I hate the word and what it implies. However Arup is not a corporation, so I feel slightly better about it all. Crap name, and rubbish website. For the uninitiated, these are games organised […]

Sons of Suckerfish - HTML Dog

7 Sons of Suckerfish articles are now available on htmldog. Good web design resource in case you missed it.

The Manji Story on Nirantar

A while back Pankaj e-mailed me to ask me if I’d be willing to answer a few questions for a Hindi blogzine Nirantar he was working on that was going to concentrate on WordPress. I was more than happy to answer the man’s questions. The catch was of course that the final interview would be […]

ONE Year Broken Kode

Two days ago officially marked ONE YEAR of Broken Kode. What a year it’s been. Although I’ve been blogging for a little while longer (1.5 years), I didn’t buy the domain name till I was completely happy with WordPress as the defacto blogging tool I wanted to use, instead of Moveable Type. I originally […]

Emmanuel Todd - After the Empire

Intro: While in the Aeroport in London, waiting to go off to Lebanon, I checked out the various stores around. I know Terminal 4 like the back of my hand, as I’ve been in that aeroport countless times on my flights to and from Greece. Straight to Books, etc to see if there’s anything I might […]

blender 2.37

Blender 2.37 has been released. It’s been 5 long months since the last release. Got to get my ass in gear and start working with that program.

A Lebanese Story - Let’s Begin

Got back a few hours ago, and I’ve got to say that blogging everyday is something I’ve seriously missed. I’ve basically got to play ketchup now which isn’t really how this whole blogging thing should work, however one thing that’s become very clear to me in my stay in Lebanon, is that I can’t blog […]

A Lebanese Story - Mountains and Excess

I’ve got a slew of posts I’ll be firing off in the next couple of days, as I get a whole bunch of stuff I’ve written while in Lebanon. I’ve got to admit that I really miss blogging. I miss it because all these ideas and thoughts that keep floating in and out of […]