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Partition Crash

You know how they tell you to separate your normal files from your OS files. That way when your OS decides to crap up on you, because you know it will, at least you’ve got all your files on a separate drive? Yeah well what happens when you can’t seem to access your other drive […]

Not just a Comic Book Baton

Jonas sent me a baton on Sunday, but due to work I’ve just not had the time to finish this off. This baton kind of feeds from the baton of earlier last week. Joen feels that the baton is something used by weblogs to disguise for lack of content. Interesting point. I don’t really need […]

bran man

Bran Man. This is a pretty cool idea. You either get it or you don’t.


GoogleGrab. Not tried this yet but looks pretty interesting.

Local Radio Stations

Whenever I go to Lebanon I always find it really weird but nice how the radio is local and in your face about it. You know what I’m talking about, really proud to be in this city or that, broadcasting live from the capital or whatever.

Ever since I moved to London I’ve not actually […]

Working Under Pressure

Currently I’m fighting the most important deadline of the year at work. It’s the culmination of a year and a half’s work. 25 drawings need to go out tomorrow afternoon, and I’d say I’m about 90% done. I’ve got a least 1 day’s worth of work between now and then, and well obviously not enough […]

CSS Reboot Fall 2005

CSS Reboot Fall 2005. Well BK4 will be out long before then, but still pretty cool.

millarworld magazine

millarworld magazine uses wordpress. Interesting use of a blog format.

FeedLounge Alpha

Just got my Alpha invite to Feedlounge, which as you can expect from the name is an online RSS feed aggregator. Why the hell would you want one of those you ask? Well if you’re like me, I like to keep on top of things both from home and from work. I’ll check my RSS […]

Leon - Special Edition

Every once in a while you see something, read something, hear something that takes you back a few years and you start remembering all sorts of things in your life that seem to be from a different world; you were a different person, the world around you was completely different. The memory is so vivid […]

Book Batton

Shawn sent me a book baton today. I like these ‘batons’. This is only the second one I’ve done but it’s good fun. Thing is though I generally write about the books that I’ve just read if I find that they deserve some mention etc, so some of the below is basically a recap in […]

Robotech Comic & Anime

I’ve not been keeping up with my Robotech it would seem. To be honest 3 years ago when Tommy Yune (a brilliant Amerimanga artist/writer) was appointed as the ‘custodian’ of the Robotech methos I was just as excited as any kid who used to watch Robotech in the 80s would be; life was being pumped […]

San Diego Comic Con 2005 - Part 2

Am I a Brian Wood? I’d say I like selective examples of his work. When he’s on form he’s really good (such as CousCous Express, Channel Zero); when he’s not on form, he’s not so good, (The Couriers, Pounded). It’s not so much that he’s bad, just doesn’t live up to his potential. He’s […]

Networks that have 9 Rules?

Now that I’ve infiltrated the 9Rules Network, I’m ready to blow the conspiracy wide open. It’s a complete lie. There aren’t 9 Rules. There are in fact only 8. I think Paul thought it would be funny to throw people of the scent.

Just to keep things on the level and completely REAL, here on the […]

San Diego Comic Con 2005

Like last year, I’ll be commenting on all the various bits and pieces coming out of the San Diego Comic Convention (biggest anglophone comic book convention, I think Angoulême in France is biggest, although I could be wrong). This will be mainly things that I’m interested in or excited about.

A lot of crap comes […]

IT Services

I swear I was about to go downstairs and throttle the twat in IT services. This guy effectively erased my bloody profile, screws up all of my Firefox settings, EVERYTHING was lost. I’m talking all the notes I’d downloaded, links, plugins, the whole lot. Screws my desktop up and then when I was like:

‘What the […]

Top 10 Greatest Alternative/Rock albums.

So I’m sitting there with Thomas a few weeks back, and we’re shooting the shit, and the conversation gets to music. This is something both Thomas and I feel very strongly about since our Uni days, and it’s great having these conversations with Thomas, for although we don’t see eye to eye on every single […]


Sucharaka*Paradise Loads of really great pixel fonts.

London Aftermath

I have seen my country destroyed by war, I have seen how it’s effected people physically and mentally. Experienced an air raid and can remember very vividly how war can rip a country apart. A journey I made when I was no more than 8 years old with my father’s cousins, effectively set the […]

London Attacks

Damn, not really sure how to react to all this. I’m writing this from work, which I almost never do. It’s just that I seriously can’t concentrate on anything. Everyone’s been phoning each other, making sure nothing was happening.

It only hit me that this was actually serious when I saw Stathis standing at my […]

Windows Longhorn

So you want to know what Longhorn is going to look like? Go here and download away. I’ve been using CrystalXP for months, so it makes for a good change.

Rin version 1.1

It’s been a long time coming, just needed to find a couple of hours to do the necessary dirty and sort it all out.

I’ve brought the php code inline with standard theme mark up. This actually prevented a couple of people from installing the theme. So for all those people that tried and didn’t succeed, […]

Solaris Comics

So after my podcast experience with Augie I decided to look around the net for something that could restore both my faith and enthusiasm for the Podcasting format of delivering information. Luckily I didn’t have to travel very far. Part of the great thing about the new itunes upgrade is that you can search for […]


I can’t remember much of my early life; I’ve got a pretty poor memory when it comes to things that happen to me. That’s actually part of the reason for keep and maintaining a blog. It helps me to actually categorise and file my memories away for later consumption. Of course there are numerous other […]