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Alex Maleev Teaches you to draw

Alex Maleev teaches you to draw the Owl. Great stuff, from one of my favourite artists of the past 5 years.

Shuttle WorkShop 01 - Dashboard

I’ve been thinking about the whole situation and how some people might feel a bit left out of the whole design process with regards to Shuttle. So in order to get some more feedback, and hopefully get a few ideas that we might not have come up with ourselves, I’m going to start writing these […]

The New Guardian

Not many people read The Guardian, compared to other fine publications like The Sun (which apparently has got the biggest circulation, something seriously wrong with this statistic in case you missed the sarcasm, but anyway).

I’ve never been a newspaper person myself. Just never seen the point. Which is kind of strange, considering that growing […]

Spotlight on Saida

Saida has been listed on several sites: CSS Import� , CSS Drive , CSS Mania

WordPress Shuttle ~ Update

Fellow 9ruler Greg over at Airbag Industries has posted about the lack of design in the WordPress Administration User Interface. I thought it prudent to address his concerns while at the same time try get everyone up to speed on the Shuttle project.

Personally I think it’s just wrong to criticize a completely open source project […]

Dreamhost Outage

As some might have been aware, Broken Kode was down for a few hours on Sunday, along with most of the Internet (seems everyone cool hosts their sites either with Dreamhost or Mediatemple, noooch). I don’t mind that since I’ve had it happen to me before, countless times with my previous host. Dreamhost have […]

The Digital Swiss Army Knife

Knowing full well how the Apple fans out there are going to latch onto this, let me just say that I am not an Apple basher, nor am I a Microsoft fan. I don’t like corporations, but that’s another story for another time. Right now I’m going to talk about hand held gadgets. I […]


I’ve been waiting for this for a pretty long while. Tristan has finally released his long awaited (at least for likes of Joen, Micheal, Mathias and me) Zenphoto. If you’re interested in a simple program that seems like it’s got a bright future amongst those people not really interested in hosting their photos on […]

Weird Phone

I’ve been having a weird phone day today. As mentioned before, I’m really not a mobile phone user per say. However due to circumstances I’ve decided to yield and as such I bit the bullet and ordered something. That’s when the drama started.

So I’m supposed to get the phone the next day. I had […]


GAME BOY MICRO site. That this is TINY. The question now is whether I go for the GBM or the PSP.

Photoshop vs The GIMP = my pencil

Apart from the completely unfortunate name, the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a great little application. It’s generally accepted that it’s got the power of Photoshop, with the exception of a few features (probably more, but I’m not going to get into that right now). The obvious advantage of this all being the […]

World of Inspiration

World of Inspiration Quotations. New site from fellow 9ruler, Garret. If you like quotations, this is where to go.

The Authority: Revolution

It’s been a while since I read a proper Authority story. Last time it was the one issue found in the Coup D’etat mini-series which effectively sets the scene up for this story. Just finished reading Volume 1 of The Authority: Revolution (the mini-site also provides a little video interview with Dustin the artist of […]

Official Adam Hughes Website

The Official Adam Hughes Website is live. Not sure ow long that’s been up. Just to clarify, everytime I see a new Adam Hughes piece, I weep at how completely talentless I am compared to this guy, who should be an international rock star.


Horhaus exceptional comic book work. I’ll definitely be picking up Warlands when it comes out. Where the hell did this guy come from?

On the Drawing Board

I hate ‘getting’ back into drawing. The reason is very simple as it takes me a good couple of tries before I remember how to hold the fucking pencil up straight. Yesterday was a very important day as it marked the FIRST day that I started drawing Sublime. I have eluded to this book for […]

Site Problems

Got a few problems I’m trying to sort out, seems my .htaccess file screwed around with my install, then I deleted that and the admin is working but all the posts are getting 404 errors, anyone with any idea what’s going on I’d really appreciate it.

Right the problem is with my htaccess file and Permalinks. […]

Starfish Diaries

Starfish Diaries I’ve setup a blog for Stathi. Remember when you first started blogging and you had that itch to keep posting, Stathi’s got that itch.

WordPress Wishlist

Easily the single biggest draw to using WordPress (apart from the price of course, which is priceless didn’t you know), is without a shadow of a doubt the actual community that has gathered around these handful of PHP files. I know I couldn’t do a slew of things as easily as I’m doing them now […]

City Slickers

About 3 months ago I was on the phone to Housy, and he asked me if I wanted to go on a mountain bike trip he always organises in September. At the time it seemed like a really good idea, bearing in mind I’d not been on a bike since I was 20 years old. […]

Fuel Games - Advergames, Viral Marketing and Brand Entertainment

Fuel Games Online Gaming has definitely come a long way. Excellent stuff here.