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Kode 500

This posts marks my 500th post for this little site. In the comic book industry this number is a massive one that only a handful of titles have ever achieved. Although not even close to that sort of achievement, it’s nice to attain this milestone in the life of a website, that was only meant […]

Reyyy . com

Reyyy is an excellent example of why comic book art is well above and beyond the traditional art bandied about by graphic designers. Learn how to use a pencil people.



The big news in the comic industry yesterday was the confirmation by Marvel (go to the site for more pictures and the press-release) that Stephen King would be writing his Dark Tower series in comic book format, to be released as a 6 issue serial first, before being collected as a hardcover in autumn of […]

Brian Wood

Brian Wood’s new website is online. Brian’s definitely got a destinct style, both in his writing, drawing and design work. Whatever you do make sure to check out his excellent CHANNEL ZERO graphic novel. One of my TOP 11 picks of all time.

Tree Thoughts


Gallery Section

I’ve finally sorted out the gallery section of Broken Kode. This has been on the backburner for nigh on 2 months now, with the only reason I can give for the delay being that I couldn’t decide on the final format for the gallery. Originally I was actually waiting for Zenphoto so that I could […]



Stephen King’s Graphic Novel. Not really ‘news’, merely a confirmation of a promo that was released by Marvel back in July.

Web Applications

It’s only natural for people to be getting sick of the term that’s plastered on the interent EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes, this post in part will be about the crazy little buzz word, Web 2.0. I hate that term:”(So we’ll not use it again, in the future that word will be replaced with ***** […]

Human Behaviour

So I’m in front of the Greek Embassy yesterday, trying to get myself a visa to go back down to Greece to see my folks:”(I was raised in Greece, my brother was born there and neither of us have the Greek citizenship. I’ll be sure to write a proper post in the future about the […]

Places to Find Free Images

Top 10 Places to Find Free Images For Your Blogs . This one’s for me, since I know I’ll forget about it, but I should use this resource more.


Saw this movie last week, but due to various problems, it’s taken this long to talk about. Just to warn everyone



Right from the start of this movie you […]

Scarves in Autumn

Can someone please explain to me why oh why people in London insist on wearing scarves in the autumn, when it’s no less than 20 °C ? I mean honestly, has style over content got to such a degree that people are so overly keen to wear a god damn scarf? The straw that broke […]

Normal ‘Kode

It was my harddrive. Bastard thing melted on me, well not literally but you get what I mean. I’ve wasted around 1 and a half weeks of work on this. I’ve got a laundry list of projects that have effectively been put on hold while I sorted out this rubbish. I now know a hell […]

Broken Kode SALE $1M ONLY

Think of this as a complete and UTTER bargain. This is your chance to own Broken Kode. Hell I’ll even throw in the hosting for the rest of the year. According to Central Scrutinize if you extrapolate all those crazy numbers that have been thrown around the internet after the AOL buy-out of Weblogs Inc, […]


Every once in a while I’ll go into one of my many Art and Design Havens and come out with something inspirational. Chromophile by Brandon Ragnar Johnson is nothing short of spectacular. The man has a very similar style to Rian Hughes (whom I’m a massive fan of), but with an added twist and […]

Better Weeks

I’ve had better weeks, I know I have. I think this week easily ranks up there are one of the worst week for me this year. Started off on Friday of last week when my computer started to die on me. This was augmented by the fact that I had to clock in some extra […]

Waste of Time

Last week my computer decided to die on me. I’ve been having problems with it for about a month now, and everythings pretty much come to a head this last week. First it decided to take 15 minutes to load up. I formatted the damn thing (luckily due to it’s brainfart last month I’d made […]

Flock You

I’m really excited about Flock. For those in the dark it’s a new browser that’s intended for bloggers. The program is based off the Mozilla’s Gecko rendering engine, which is what Firefox is based on. In fact the guys and gals behind Flock were part of the development team behing Firefox. Since Firefox is […]

Projects Checklist

Just putting my thoughts in one place to check up on later.

Computer Meltdown.
I’m currently experiencing my first hardware meltdown. If you remember I had a bit of trouble a while back with my windowz box. It seems that problem was more hardware induced than software, as now I get a blue screen straight away, […]

Blogging Networks

There’s been a lot of noise about blogging networks around the place. People selling and buying them:

Weblogs Inc to AOL
Weblogs.com to Verisign

while others are launching them:

Fine Fools

Personally all I see them as is another way to make money from adverts or more specifically, they’re sites set up to create revenue off advertising. […]


CUBE Creative My new favourite multimedia/animation studio to watch. Check out the 7Tones 2 short video. So brilliant.

Revolve This

I’m going to do you two favours with this post, so I’m hoping you all send some love my way. This can be in the shape of money donations or buy me something from Amazon, I’m not too fussy. The two things I’m going to save you are TIME, which as we all know we […]

Ramadan 1426AH

I’d just like to extend my warmest wishes to all those who are about to finish their first day of fasting for the year 1426 AH (2006 AD). Small history lesson for those in the dark, AH stands for After Hijra and is how the Islamic calender is dated (only reason I know the exact […]

Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks - News and Updates

Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks Video Blog. Extremely funny stuff, especially the intro by Kevin Smith in the first installment.

Broken Kode Tees

I’d first like to thank the 9 people who bought a print off me. You guys rock, and I’m seriously humbled by the fact that my work is appreciated enough for you to buy something off me. You guys have made the Broken Kode priority list and once I’ve got things set up correctly you […]

Howl’s Moving Castle

Finally saw Howl’s Moving Castle yesterday. Laurent and I have been talking about watching this on the big screen for nearly a year now, as we’re both MASSIVE Miyazaki fans. In fact coming to think about it, I don’t think you can possibly watch a Miyazaki movie and not become a fan of his. Every […]

Williams F1 Factory

I’m working on a new project in Wantage which is just south of Oxford. To get there we have to pass through Grove, the headquarters of Williams F1. It’s a lot less imposing than I imagined, but then again not everyone’s got a Foster’s designed HQ.