Saw this movie last week, but due to various problems, it’s taken this long to talk about. Just to warn everyone


Right from the start of this movie you could tell this was going to be a good Sci-fi flick. The smaller-than-usual-budget-for-a-sci-fi-movie (apparently $40 million) however does come through in the lack of overly elaborate sets. This was arguably the one aspect that did make the movie seem less fit for the big screen than anything else (i.e lack of big name Hollywood actors etc). Although the story does journey to different locales, the real life sets were less than spectacular.

That isn’t to say that it’s a cheepo movie. Money has been spent on this film. This movie would have been the best Firefly episode ever made. The CGI used here was superb, and there were shocks, spills and revelations. I enjoyed seeing the worlds that Firefly/Serenity inhabit. That aspect has always been missing from Sci-fi TV series. Battlestar Galactica does do a gallant job of trying to rectify this situation, in that the sets don’t look the same from one shoot to the next, however BG doesn’t really show much in way of new worlds, so they don’t need to spend much money on the CGI.


For me although Kaylee was originally my favorite character, she quickly turned to my number 2 or 3, as River easily took over that role towards the end of the Firefly show. With the Serenity movie she’s established herself as the number 1 character of the show, by a long way. Apart from the fact that I’m completely gone on Summer Glau, she’s also the quirkiest character there. I’d question whether she looks 17, however it seems that the youth of America need to be told that they have to look like 25 year olds. Can anyone say Beverly Hills 90210?

Starting from the beginning young-River, looks NOTHING like the older version. IMHO that’s easily the worst casting of the movie. Not that the little girl was a bad actress (like a certain mini-skywaker), but she just wasn’t a good match. This was more than made up for by giving River the best scenes and the best lines.

If I hadn’t watched Firefly, I’d say that not enough information was given about Book, and his death meant little to the audience that were not familiar with the movie. Same goes for Wash. Good way to end his life on screen however:

I’m a leaf on the wind

The Operative is a suitably evil bad guy, although I’d question Mal’s decision not to kill him on several occasions. His opening scene is one I’ll remember for a while. Just the coldness of his actions are pulled off very well. I never cringed once when I saw him on scene, which I generally do when I see the ‘typical bad guy’.

Inara didn’t get much time on screen, which is a crying shame as she does a very good job of challenging Mal’s authority/ideas and plans. I’m glad they progressed that aspect of the relationship, even by the slightest amount.

The revelation of the Reavers was another great little gem of storytelling, as we’ve always been led to believe that they’re just humans gone wrong of their own accord. Always nice when you get a payoff to watching something for an extended period of time (think Babylon 5). It’s also very cool to see them more up close. It just adds a certain brutality to the show, and gives it a bit of an edge.
As a Firefly fan, I was impressed by the overall package of a movie it was. I’m still on the fence about whether or not it truly required a full length feature movie in the cinema, as something deep down felt like it just didn’t belong there. The Firefly fans are going to take a lot from it than anyone else that’s for sure.

Just as a sidenote, if you’re interested in finding out what exactly happened in the 6 months between the end of Firefly and the start of Serenity (i.e why Inara and Book left), then check out the upcoming Serenity mini-series in trade paperback from Dark Horse (it’s written by Joss Whedon and apparently very well drawn, I’ve only scoped out the covers which are brilliant).


  1. I say that I’m pretty impressed with the movie as well. There were quirks here and there, but overall, I loved it. It did, however, make me yearn for a bit more of the series, or possibly another movie. I think that the best part of it being an actual movie is watching it on the big screen and having really good sound.

    This is a great overview of the movie, and although it does give some bits away, it’s not that bad in regards to spoilers. Glad to see you enjoyed it as well! :)


    1 Rea
    Quote | 19/10/2005
  2. Haven’t seen the film yet, by have seen the advert on TV. ONe word: cooool.

    2 Rob Mason
    Quote | 20/10/2005
  3. I loved the movie. The reaver mythos was great and glad they put that in the story line. No way could this story made it on FOX or Sci-Fi channel. I hope the movie does good enough for a sequel or 2.

    3 moloko
    Quote | 20/10/2005
  4. Oviously I liked it. ;)

    I look forward to when it comes out on DVD and I hope Universal plays its options to make at least one more movie.

    4 Matthew Oliphant
    Quote | 20/10/2005
  5. See that’s the thing. After watching it, I really wasn’t sure if there’s going to be a sequel. It would be a shame if it didn’t happen, but I’m not holding my breathe to be honest.

    5 Khaled
    Quote | 20/10/2005
  6. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s making enough at the box office to warrant a sequel. I gotta say as a long time fan of the series and now the movie, that Jayne is by far my favourite character. I didn’t really care for the deaths of Wash and Book. They were far more interesting characters to keep around than Inara, for example.

    6 Henning Hoffmann
    Quote | 21/10/2005

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