300 preview

It’s only a month and a half away before the movie of the year gets released, check out the teaser preview (mostly stuff from the previous trailers but there are a couple more schene to look at. Oh yeah, if you’re worried about spoilers, well don’t just go out and buy the damn book, it’s worth you money and should be on your shelf.


  1. I saw this trailer being cut in L.A. when I was at a job interview at Mojo House. Very cool stuff.

    1 Glenn
    Quote | 24/1/2007
  2. This is just delicious. It’s exactly the type of movie I want to see at the cinema.

    2 Joen
    Quote | 24/1/2007
  3. Aaah.

    I was expecting design week #2 ;)

    3 Jakob
    Quote | 24/1/2007
  4. Wow! This stuff just looks amazing! Never heard about it before though.

    4 Auke
    Quote | 24/1/2007
  5. man, you have some funny category names. :D
    it looks fantastic, and i love the use of ‘just like you imagined’ at the end of it.

    5 adam
    Quote | 24/1/2007
  6. This is looking spectacularly righteous, and even a little phat.

    From what I’ve seen and heard the film will be fleshed out a bit more from the book, I wonder if this means additions to the plot? Any of you lot heard anything?

    6 meoq
    Quote | 24/1/2007
  7. Yeah, I’ve heard they’ve added an extra character and expanded the queen’s role a little bit more. To be honest these are elements I’m not too precious about as I think they’ve more than adequately approached the material with reverence, so I’ll excuse them meandering slightly :) (but only slightly because if they’ve changed any more shit, you guys will be hearing about it for a long while to come).

    7 Khaled
    Quote | 24/1/2007
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