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Update: This seems to have been taken down from Youtube. It was only a matter of time really. But then again you can’t keep things like this off the net for too long. So I’m sure another link will surface at some point (Movie is set for a 7th March release).

I’ve watched this trailer three times now and every time I watch it I get goosebumps. The book is so memorable that I still remember dialogue even though I read it over 10 years ago. All the best bits of the graphic novel are condensed into that trailer (ok most of the best parts, because there are many). The NIN music is a brilliant addition, and I’m glad they’ve gone down the route of keeping the feel, the edginess, the darkness of the graphic novel in tact. Easily the best story Frank ‘Sin CIty’ Miller has ever worked on and that’s saying something considering his illustrious career. Don’t know who’s playing Leonidas but he looks and sounds the part completely. Fucking awesome.


  1. I had hoped that they wouldn’t film this using a digital backlot. Sure, it creates some rather impressive backdrops, but it leaves the action in the frame looking compressed and almost claustrophobic.

    As for Leonidas, Gerard Butler has been cast for the role.

    1 James
    Quote | 24/9/2006
  2. Nah, man, the backdrops are meant to be sparse in that nature, it’s completely in line with how the graphic novel is (painted by Miller’s wife). It actually is a MAJOR part of the book itself, because the colours are so earthy in nature, it adds to the atmosphere. It’s meant to have that grainy quality because anything else would possibly suspend the disbelief. Think back to the sheer garbage that was Troy and you’ll see what I mean.

    2 Khaled
    Quote | 24/9/2006
  3. I can tell that music alone gives me goosebumps…

    3 JiriF
    Quote | 24/9/2006
  4. Without giving out any spoilers, can you explain why it’s called 300?

    4 Sam
    Quote | 24/9/2006
  5. It talks about the 300 Spartan soldiers that fought a battle against the Persian armies of Xerxes (I’m not going to tell why, because that could be considered a spoiler), however what makes this story special is that in many respects it is considered the greatest and most important battle in history (yes all of history).

    5 Khaled
    Quote | 24/9/2006
  6. Hm. Isn’t a trailer just a long commercial? They weren’t happy with free publicity? That’s kinda strange, no?

    6 Sam C
    Quote | 27/9/2006
  7. i just read the movie Gates of Fire and i was highly excited when i came along this trailer for the movie. The book was so good that i actually forced myself to set it down for days at a time in order to keep the story going. I’ve never read the Frank Miller version but if it is in keeping with the main historical points of the actual battle at the “Hot Gates”, then this will be a movies for the history books. here is a bit for you that have not seen it. http://download.ifilm.com/qt/portal/2773266_300.mov

    7 Jay
    Quote | 29/9/2006
  8. A high-definition version of the 300 trailer is now available:


    8 James
    Quote | 5/10/2006
  9. James said:

    A high-definition version of the 300 trailer is now available:


    Fucking YEAH!!!!

    9 Khaled
    Quote | 5/10/2006
  10. Dude I’m Persian and when I saw the trailer, despite my heritage…IT LOOKS F!@£in’ AWSOME!! KICK ASS!!
    When’s Frank gonna do the Persian “BOOK OF KINGS” if he made a graphic novel out of that then (AFter the Halo Movie) My life would be complete. VISIT MY Website. www.thehalomovieonline.com

    10 MOOSE
    Quote | 14/10/2006

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