Broken Kode Shop

So I went into central london (as I generally do on a Saturday) and grabbed some comics. While we’re on the train, Stathis tells me we should go via Old Street to grab my prints from Constandinos. I actually got a small tingle in the back of my neck when he said this. Words cannot describe how amazing it felt to actually see my prints there ready to go. I hinted at this at the beginning of the year, start my limited edition print shop. I’ve been building towards this point for a good long while now.

Ages ago I had the idea of creating a small shop where I’d provide things that I myself would want to own. I see a lot of Cafepress shops around the place, and I can’t imagine lots of people buying things from them. The reason being that the actual items aren’t really all that appealing. It’s like a half assed effort on the owner’s part. They stick a logo on a mug and sell it for $15 plus postage, screw that for a laugh. I’d never sell something that I myself wouldn’t buy. If I decide to have a T-shirt on offer, you’ll be sure I’ve done it so that I can wear it myself, before I try to sell it off to anyone.

The first item on offer is the very first
CoCo Limited Edition Print

Any print I decide to offer will have a print run limited to a maximum of 10 copies. The first copy will be mine (like the one pictured above), which reduces the number down to 9 copies to be sold. Since they’re coming from me directly I’ll sign and number them, on the front or back depending on the actual person’s preferance. This thing measures slightly larger than your typical A3 paper, and the paperstock is a fantastically thick 250msg. Costandinos, you sir, ROCK.

Once they’re gone, that’s it I guess. So if you’re interested go over to the shop.


  1. TI LES TWRA!!!!

    1 Fadi Aboualfa
  2. Very nice, if I wasn’t unemployed and broke I’d snag one.

    Hopefully on the next go-round. Are you sure you’re charging enough though? 22UK sounds pretty cheap to be able to cover postage and still be a fair price for your work and cover production costs. Don’t short-sell yourself.

    2 Chris
  3. I’ve studied this. The first round of prints I can afford them to be priced like this. Other prints in the future might need some consideration, but I really am aiming at that price range, since it’s rougly the amount I pay for prints etc.

    3 Khaled
  4. Nice!
    My fiancee and I moved into our current apartment last summer, and while its a nice place the walls are still mostly bare. Our previous abodes were all dumps and I felt no overwhelming urge to ‘decorate’, as they they would then simply look like decorated dumps. Now that we have a decent looking place I have been unable to decide how to start adding nice touches. Perhaps this will be a good first start :)

    4 kevin
  5. Listen, I live in China. If you need prints made up in any way, shape, or form, I can help you get them made much more cheaply here than you can back home. This will help you keep them at the retail price you want and still make a profit. Even very small orders here are still much more reasonably priced. As ever, quality can be an issue, but think about it…

    5 melinazoe
  6. These look great Kal. And I see you’ve sold three already. I’m tempted to snap up the remaining six as an investment for when you’re famous.

    6 Richie B
  7. Hahaha, I wouldn’t expect ANYTHING less from you Rich. Classic comment from you. Always looking at the bottom line :).

    7 Khaled