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Best of the Net 2006

I started writing a best of 2006 about a week ago, however I’ve had to break that down into several posts because it got far too large and I didn’t feel that I would be doing each topic justice, if I bulked all of them into one post. So for the first topic of conversation I’ll talk about the best of the Net for 2006. Word of warning, there’s a lot of images in this particular post just to bear it in mind.

Blogging Opera

Who amongst us doesn’t like a good bit of soap opera? Ok, what about a bit of soap opera revolving around the world that you spend a couple of hours a day on? Yeah I’m talking about the shit storm that’s blown up with 9rules announcing that it would be removing a few blogs from […]

9rules Community Interview

Lindsay is conducting a slew of interviews with all the 9rulers in the Personal Community. Thame was first, seems I answered by questions before the other guys. If you’re interested in finding out where the name Broken Kode comes from that’s where to go.

Internet Trust

If I didn’t read Business Logs I’d have completely missed this story. Just haven’t really noticed anyone I read actually talk about it. It would seem that the story of the week is the launch some blogging/advertising/network company called Open Source Media, no scratch that, it’s actually called Pajamas Media. Whatever not terribly interested in […]

9rules and me

By way of alerting people about the upcoming third round of submissions into the 9rules network I think I’ll also explain the reason why I decided to join the 9rules network. So before I get to my points make sure you mark Monday, 14th November into your dairies and tart up your sites accordingly.

Just […]

Broken Kode SALE $1M ONLY

Think of this as a complete and UTTER bargain. This is your chance to own Broken Kode. Hell I’ll even throw in the hosting for the rest of the year. According to Central Scrutinize if you extrapolate all those crazy numbers that have been thrown around the internet after the AOL buy-out of Weblogs Inc, […]

Blogging Networks

There’s been a lot of noise about blogging networks around the place. People selling and buying them:

Weblogs Inc to AOL
Weblogs.com to Verisign

while others are launching them:

Fine Fools

Personally all I see them as is another way to make money from adverts or more specifically, they’re sites set up to create revenue off advertising. […]