December 2006
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BlackBerry Pearl

Easily one of the coolest gadgets I got this year was the Blackberry Pearl (or 8100 model). I’ve been playing with it for like a day now and I know it’s going to be something really special to use for a good long while.

Movies Review of 2006

As I continue my review of 2006, go read part 1 if you want to find out my thoughts on The best of the Net 2006, I’m turning my attention to movies. Interestingly I think this year has been one of the worst years for movies in a really long time. That isn’t to say that I haven’t enjoyed a good number of movies this year, it’s just that I found less time for movies this year, which I can probably attribute to the lack of quality flicks being shown this year.

Best of the Net 2006

I started writing a best of 2006 about a week ago, however I’ve had to break that down into several posts because it got far too large and I didn’t feel that I would be doing each topic justice, if I bulked all of them into one post. So for the first topic of conversation I’ll talk about the best of the Net for 2006. Word of warning, there’s a lot of images in this particular post just to bear it in mind.


Mandolux, easily one of the single best implementations of a good idea for wallpapers on the net. Take some nice high quality photographs, halve them so they’re abstract enough provide them as wallpapers in different sizes. Genius.

Linux equivalent project

Linux equivalent project is just a list of links for programmes that do the same thing. Good one to have handy, although it didn’t really give me anything new, hopefully in time it’ll expand though as a resource.

Toshiba R100

I bought a Toshiba R100 about a month ago off ebay mainly in the attempt to get myself mobile again and out of the confines of my room, you know go out there and see the people while still creating. Installed Ubuntu on the machine straight away, thought I’d share my experience.

Los Faros De Panama

Why am I not posting much you ask? Part of it can be attributed to burn out, another section can be attributed to many things going on in my life outside the internet, however a much larger section can be attribute to the project I’m currently working on, Los Faros De Panama.

Eboy Poster

This “little” Eboy poster is so apt for capturing what I’ve been experiencing for the past year and a half as I got more into the internet in general. What’s great about the poster is that you actually notice more and more stuff on second and third viewing.

Break the Silence

In a time when I should really be blogging MUCH more often (as I’m going through some pretty tough and generally strange times right now) is actually the time when I felt the need to stay away from my blog and the online world in general. I’ve not really been able to pinpoint the reason […]