Movies Review of 2006

As I continue my review of 2006, go read part 1 if you want to find out my thoughts on The best of the Net 2006, I’m turning my attention to movies. Interestingly I think this year has been one of the worst years for movies in a really long time. That isn’t to say that I haven’t enjoyed a good number of movies this year, it’s just that I found less time for movies this year, which I can probably attribute to the lack of quality flicks being shown this year.

Cinema Movies

This is a list of the actual movies I saw in the cinema (that’s a pitiful 11 (I forgot that I’d watched Pan’s Labyrinth movies, which is completely ridiculous as far as I’m concerned):
  1. The Prestige
  1. Fearless
  1. Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest
  1. Cars
  1. X-men 3: Last Stand
  1. V for Vendetta
  1. Superman Returns
  1. The Proposition
  1. The Da Vinci Code
  1. Children of Men
  1. Pan’s Labyrinth

Aeroplane Movies

while the rest of the new released movies were watched on flights:
  1. Clerks II
  1. You, Me and Dupree
  1. Pink Panther
  1. Last Holiday

Best Movie of 2006


From the above the best movie was without a doubt Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige. I’ve talked about it more extensively on my review of the movie. Funnily enough Kevin Smith’s Clerks II is a definite runner up as it definitely gave me a couple of hours of pure entertainment. The whole donkey sequence was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on screen. So funny I actually had to stop and catch my breath. Comic genius. Cars is up there as well, although it’s definitely not as good as either the Incredibles or Finding Nemo.

Most disappointing movie of 2006 for me personally was X-men 3. Seriously they were on auto-pilot for that movie. Another minor disappointment for me was Superman Returns. Not because it was a bad movie, but rather because it wasn’t as great as I actually really wanted it to be.

To be Continued…

Here’s a list of movies that were released this year and that I will no doubt try and actually watch sometime in 2007:
  1. Silent Hill
  1. Lady in the Water
  1. Volver
  1. The Departed
  1. Babel
  1. Casino Royale
  1. Mission Impossible III
  1. An Inconvenient Truth
  1. Nacho Libre

However the PRUNE of all prunes surely has to go to Rocky Balboa (and that’s considering some of the stinkers I’ve seen this year, I mean it’s got Last Holiday for fuck’s sake). I mean seriously what the hell were they thinking when they got round and signed all the contracts for this? It’s one of the most ridiculous concepts I’ve ever heard and it’s really strange that Hollywood is so lame that it has to create another sequel. They should have stopped after 2 and called it a night. Hell I might even stomach 4, but seriously Rocky 6? I haven’t even seen this and sure as hell am not going to bother wasting my time with it. What next Die Hard 4? Oh shit yeah they’re going to be making that.


  1. Hey, Kevin Smith has been cast in Die Hard 4. It might not suck completely. At least it will have some comic relief, although his role/level of involvement has yet to be revealed.

    You should really see Casino Royale ASAP. Very cool movie. Definitely a fresh take on Bond.

    1 John B
    Quote | 27/12/2006
  2. Rocky 6 has gotten pretty good reviews though. 79% on cream of the crop, not bad.

    2 Michael Heilemann
    Quote | 27/12/2006
  3. Awww, Children of Men is at #10 in your list? I thought it was one of the greatest movies of the year.

    Totally agree on Superman Returns & X-Men3 :(

    From your “To be continued” list, definitely go see Casino Royale & The Departed(Even if you have seen the original Infernal Affairs).

    I see no Miami Vice anywhere though, which i think it was good too.

    3 Andre Costa
    Quote | 28/12/2006
  4. Babel,definitely my top-rated movie in this year!

    My 2nd choice would be V for Vendetta.

    I’ve seen both The Departed & the Hong Kong original Infernal Affairs.To be honest,I prefer the HK’s one,which gives me a great impression of the twisted fate of each character (not just the 2 guys).Martin Scorsese made the story quite America,but i’m little bit sick of the F-words in this movie,it looked more like a criminal story,going too far away from the original spirit of the screenplay.

    4 puNk!d
    Quote | 30/12/2006
  5. Andre, to be honest with you I didn’t really put them in order of preference, although looking at the list it’s not all wrong except that Pan’s Labyrinth and Children of men would be higher but as would Clerks II.

    Having only just recently seen Internal Affairs (I got given all three movies for my birthday) I’m a bit dubious as to how good a remake of an already pretty damn good movie can be. Also I’m not a big Dicappucino fan to be honest, but I’ll give Scorsese the benefit of the doubt, generally.

    Kevin’s in Die Hard 4? Damn that man is getting around a lot more, even more so than as a director; still I’ll follow him wherever he goes since he always entertains me.

    I actually need to update that post one more time because I recently (ie since I posted the damn thing) watched Little Miss Sunshine and Casino Royale.

    5 Khaled
    Quote | 30/12/2006
  6. The Departed is good :)

    I need to see the Prestige, I see!

    6 James AkaXakA
    Quote | 4/1/2007

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