The Prestige

The Prestige, the new Christopher Nolan movie is like getting Christmas early. I mean how could the following ingredients possibly disappoint. You get Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, Michael Caine, David Bowie all in one movie, set in turn of the century London, revolving around magicians and the ultimate magic trick.


Seeing as how becoming a magician was one of my first dreams of what I wanted to become when I was older, you can imagine how giddy I felt watching this movie. It wasn’t slightly good, it was bloody good. Watching the movie there was this sense of urgency, tricks and double tricks, twists and turns. You always were thinking how is that trick done, how do they do it, what’s the deal with it all.

Bale is awesome as he’s definitely beginning to take over as one of the premier actors you go for when you need a solid performance. Michael Caine is doing a spectacular job as always. In fact with regards to the acting (and casting for that matter), everything was completely spot on.

One of the first things you find out about the movie is why it’s called the Prestige. I’m not going to ruin it (unless you’re really into magicians, then you probably already know, I didn’t), as I wouldn’t be able to it the same justice as Michael Caine does in the first few minutes of the movie. The story centres around two rival magicians who go through life trying to achieve greatness. As you can imagine with a movie coming from the Nolan brothers we’re going to be dealing with a non-linear timeline with many twists and turns (I mean come on, what else would you expect from those that gave you Memento, one of the all-time classics of modern cinema.

Nolan has definitely routed himself as one of my favourite directors as he’s currently three for three in my book. He’s definitely taken over from David Fincher who has disappeared into the ether of late (wasn’t Panic Room the last Fincher movie?).



  1. Yeah, I saw The Prestige a few months back while out on a date. It is definitely an awesome movie. The thing that I loved about it was the plotline beneath the plotline that Christopher Nolan presented to us: What do you do when you have a problem, come up with a solution to said problem, only to have that solution present another problem entirely to you? And the thing about it was that this secondary plotline happened to both Christian Bale’s character AND to Hugh Jackman’s character. It was brilliant!!!!

    I also have to agree with you: The acting was definitely on point. Especially David Bowie’s cameo role. I almost didn’t recognise him. It’s definitley worth the money to go see this and anyone who hasn’t, I encourage you to do so!!!

    1 Frank 'viperteq' Young
    Quote | 21/11/2006
  2. Plus, this is the closest were are likely to come to seeing a Batman vs Wolverine matchup.

    2 Douglas
    Quote | 22/11/2006
  3. Couldn’t agree more with you and viperteq.

    3 Kyle
    Quote | 22/11/2006
  4. Definitely gonna check it out, thanks for the heads up!

    4 Khairudin Lee
    Quote | 25/11/2006

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