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Definitely one of the more interesting takes on ’supporting’ the troops I’ve read in a while. Fundamentally the question is flawed. I come from a country, and was raised in another one, which both had mandatory conscription. The mantra always was:

leave logic at the door when you enter the army.

The reason was simple, in […]

The Devil Himself

Fascinating week we’ve been having with regards to international news. It’s gotten to the stage that an online reading I do is just not good enough. The absolute gem item I read today was the comments made by President Hugo Chavez of Venzuela (if anyone has a better link, without the crappy adverts in the […]

California sues car manufacturers

California sues car manufacturers? Is this some kind of joke? Easily the single most ridiculous thing I’ve read all day (and the day hasn’t really begun for me). state attorney-general Bill Lockyer, has this little nugget to say (amongst other things):

The impacts are already costing millions of dollars and the price tag is increasing. It […]

Mighty George

I got this link (via Sylvane) yesterday and I’ve watched it like 10 times now. Every time I watch political debates/interviews I always find it extremely frustrating because the people are not talking about the real issues here, they’re smoke screened out. The ‘objective’ journalism is lost. In this interview George Galloway rips Anne (I […]

Broken Phoenix

Reason I’ve not been able to write anything these past days is because I’ve been feeling numb. Every time I sit down to type anything I feel ill and the words don’t go anywhere. I start thinking about the situation currently going on in Lebanon and I feel this sorrow and it takes over my […]

Bush Imagine

Brilliant video of a remixed George Dubayou singing John Lennon’s Imagine. I love the clip of him trying to get into a door and they both locked, the face of utter dismay is unbelievable. A constant reminder to people like myself who are still baffled by the fact that he was ‘elected’ not once but […]

Harmful books

Some of the statements made in the descriptions often come across as pretty damn glossed over (also laughable in a few occasions), especially when tackling a subject such as this, but check out the Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

HUMAN EVENTS asked a panel of 15 conservative scholars and public […]