February 2007
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Contributing to Open Source

The last week has seen some movement on a couple of the open source projects I’ve been involved with in the past couple of years. I’ve already spoken about the first one but now I’m going to talk about the other project that I had such high hopes for which have been washed away and […]

Shuttle Made reality

When the Shuttle images design were released for general consumption I expected a great number of people to jump on board and help out Matt in the implementation of the code. Now I’m not sure how far the WordPress team have got with version 2.1, as I’ve heard some little bits and pieces over the […]

Shuttle | Design Lessons

I’m going to ramble on a bit more about Shuttle, simply because it’s been a pretty big part of my life the last year and loads of things I’ve wanted to talk about on this blog have been waiting for this moment in time. Everytime I would think about something cool to talk about relating […]

Shuttle FAQ

To avoid any confusion and answer some questions that have been raised I’ve created this small FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to dispell any rumours and set the record as straight as I possibly can. If you’ve got any questions put them underneath and I’ll update the post accordingly.

Shuttle Launched

Before you read this I suggest you go and have a look at the 20 mockups showing the future of WordPress.

The idea of redesigning the WordPress administration panel began believe it or not in December 2004. For over a year and a half myself, Michael Heilemann, Joen Asmussen, Chris J Davis, Joshua Sigar (later joined […]

Shuttle Wave One

Update: The smaller images now click onto LARGER versions for your viewing pleasure.

For the past year the Shuttle team has been working on the beautification of the WordPress administration panel. The original team was just going to be myself and a couple of coders (Chris and Joshua) who were going to take the designs I […]

January Schedule

One idea I’m going to try and do this year (and who knows if I’ll actually continue with it, but it seems like a good idea now) is to write down what I want to accomplish by the end of this month. Baby steps, month by month.

RWebsDesigns Code cleanup
I’ve got to clean up the code […]

Shuttle WorkShop 01 - Dashboard

I’ve been thinking about the whole situation and how some people might feel a bit left out of the whole design process with regards to Shuttle. So in order to get some more feedback, and hopefully get a few ideas that we might not have come up with ourselves, I’m going to start writing these […]

WordPress Shuttle ~ Update

Fellow 9ruler Greg over at Airbag Industries has posted about the lack of design in the WordPress Administration User Interface. I thought it prudent to address his concerns while at the same time try get everyone up to speed on the Shuttle project.

Personally I think it’s just wrong to criticize a completely open source project […]

WordPress Admin Panels

[quickpic image=shuttlelogo.jpg]

I originally thought we’d have completed Shuttle a while back. Alas that has not been the case. I don’t want to say I underestimated the work, but rather, the project itself evolved into so much more than just a tweak to the css file. The reason I thought I’d talk about this is because […]

Shuttle Developments 04

I thought I’d give a small update on the progress of this little project as I’ve not spoken or said anything about it since Joen joined the team. It’s been nearly over a month since we started working on this little project in ernest. The first 2 weeks were spent discussing options, thoughts, design […]

Shuttle Developments 03

What started off as one became two. Now there are three. I’ve got the honour to announce the third designer for the Shuttle. Joen Asmussen, has joined the Shuttle Development Team. I think we’ll all agree that his work speaks for itself.

And no before anyone starts cracking some joke, we’re not letting EVERYONE join the […]

Shuttle Developments 02

Just to clarify something, this “Shuttle” is NOT a fork. We’re not planning on releasing Shuttle as an alternative to Wordpress. It’s just something that can replace the existing Wordpress admin interface to be more asthetically pleasing. Are we going to add functionality? Well it kind of makes sense. Soo many things are available from […]

Shuttle Developments 01

Okay, so a couple of days ago I contacted a certain somebody (Michael) to see if they wanted to join in the development of ‘Shuttle’ after I saw this post. It took a couple of days but I can proudly announce the addition of one Michael Heilemann to the Shuttle Development Team. So the […]

Shuttle Icon Version 0.1

For the previously mentioned Shuttle Project.