Coca Cola Advert

Seriously one of the best adverts I’ve seen on TV in a good long while. The advert was aparently done by Mother (does anyone have a link for this ad agency, definitely one to look out for).


  1. Yeah I found that, but the annoying thing is it doesn’t have a url link to Mother :). How hard can it be to find a damn url :). My kingdom for a url!!! :)

    2 Khaled
    Quote | 17/5/2006
  2. I found a URL its here Mother

    It was on the left of the article, under the related links section.

    3 Phil Bowell
    Quote | 17/5/2006
  3. Hmmm… too bad — Outside of the UK it seems to want a username/password to access the video.

    4 Aaron
    Quote | 18/5/2006
  4. Oh yes, Username/Password are required. Maybe Khaled would be too generous to add a link back from his server to the Media File(Ad)

    5 Soufian
    Quote | 18/5/2006
  5. I totally agree I saw it on TV the other night and it made me chuckle all the way through.

    6 Ben Bishop
    Quote | 18/5/2006
  6. Ugh, there’s one fucked up link somewhere in the comments.

    And yes, i absolutely love the ad.

    7 josue salazar
    Quote | 19/5/2006
  7. I couldn’t agree more. This advert is ace. We don’t seem to get it in Australia. I particularly like the postman riding on the back of the ferocious dog. Nice touch having it in spanish too… makes it more international!

    8 Richie B
    Quote | 21/5/2006
  8. The best is the guy in the bedroom. With the short break before the second run of GOALL!!!!! , brilliant stuff :).

    9 Khaled
    Quote | 21/5/2006
  9. I found a longer version of this advert, but in Spanish on YouTube… watch it here.

    10 Ryan Humphreys
    Quote | 22/5/2006
  10. Ryan Humphreys said:

    I found a longer version of this advert, but in Spanish on YouTube… watch it here.

    I’ve also put the UK version up on YouTube for those that can’t view it… watch it here.

    11 Ryan Humphreys
    Quote | 22/5/2006
  11. hey, does anyone know waht the piece of classical music is that is used on the advert?

    12 Melanie Bryant
    Quote | 22/5/2006
  12. That advert is great. I really would like to know the name of the song in the background too. Does anyone know it?


    13 Matty
    Quote | 22/5/2006
  13. It’s Canon In D Major by Pachelbel. :)

    14 Marianne
    Quote | 22/5/2006
  14. Thanks for the heads up Ryan (and Marianne), love the extra mad scientist in the extended version :).

    15 Khaled
    Quote | 22/5/2006
  15. Thanks for the song title.

    I love the cactus and the balloon hugging, COME ON ENGLAND!

    16 Funbus
    Quote | 15/6/2006
  16. wtf are you all on aBOUT???

    17 freya
    Quote | 16/6/2006
  17. This ad is simply fantastic! The ‘cactus and ballon’ and the ‘husband and wife’s boyfriend’! Yes! We all speak Football!

    18 Tindana
    Quote | 18/6/2006
  18. The animation was done by an American company: LAIKA/house - There are many more…

    19 Alise
    Quote | 21/6/2006
  19. 20 Ruddy
    Quote | 25/6/2006

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