Making Firefox faster

It’s unreal just how much faster doing this tweak actually makes Firefox load websites. Seriously best Firefox tweak I’ve done in a good long while.


  1. It’s not always such a good thing and I know I’ve experienced problems before.

    Playing with the different builds can be interesting.
    Things like the Fasterfox extension will manage this as well. But don’t prefetch. Bad bad bad.

    1 Mark
    Quote | 6/1/2007
  2. Mark, have you experienced problems with this particular hack? It seems to be working a treat so far and it’s soo much faster that I don’t understand why they don’t do this as part of the normal install.

    2 Khaled
    Quote | 7/1/2007
  3. I am forever fiddling around when I find things to play with and certainly some of the hacks to speed things up caused problems at times. But then it could have been the hack, the site, an extension or any combination of those. I vaguely remember being unable to use a couple of sites (dnsstuff was one) because they detected something with FF that would adversely affect their site.

    I wonder how fast this will all have to be before we are all happy? will that ever be reached…..

    3 Mark
    Quote | 7/1/2007
  4. There’s a reason it’s at 4. With a high number you’re hammering sites, especially when they have Ajax and whatnot.

    In other words, you’re killing the interwebs.

    4 James AkaXakA
    Quote | 13/1/2007

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