Pumpkins Reunite
It’s official, The Smashing Pumpkins are currently writing songs for their upcoming album, their first since 2000. no release date has yet been set, but the band plans to begin recording this summer.

And everything in this world just became THAT much better. I actually have a Smashing Pumpkins project I’ve been meaning to deal with for the past 6 years, hopefully I should get round to it before the latest album comes out. Exciting times.


  1. I cannot wait for a new album and hopefully (cross fingers) a tour. I haven’t seen the Pumpkins live, so I will definitely do it this time around.

    Wonder which direction they will take their sound.

    1 Chris G.
    Quote | 14/5/2006
  2. ohhh you’re a smashing pumpkins fan too. welcome to 3-4 weeks ago. haha just kidding, yeh these are exciting times. i’ve been following the progress of billy for a long time. i saw his solo show 4 times last year out here in australia and i got to meet him, fun times.

    catch ya

    2 josh illichmann
    Quote | 14/5/2006
  3. That’s the best news I’ve heard in quite a while! :D

    3 Olav
    Quote | 14/5/2006
  4. Is it THE pumkins? All members involved?

    4 Kelsey Ruger
    Quote | 15/5/2006
  5. well, so far, we only know that Billy and Jimmy are in, nothing has been released as to who the other members will be.

    Personaly i would be happy if it Billy, Jimmy, James and Melissa. Don’t care if D’arcy is not in it or not.

    5 Josh Illichmann
    Quote | 16/5/2006
  6. Josh Illichmann said:

    Personaly i would be happy if it Billy, Jimmy, James and Melissa. Don�t care if D�arcy is not in it or not.

    I’m with Josh on this one, however I fear that the rift between Iha and Corgan is too great. Still though Melissa would be great and find another guitarist and we’re good to go :).

    6 Khaled
    Quote | 16/5/2006
  7. Melissa actually said in an interview that if she is approached by billy she will say yes straight away. :D

    7 Josh Illichmann
    Quote | 16/5/2006
  8. More on the rumor mill, billy mohler has been discussed as being in the band…


    8 Josh Illichmann
    Quote | 17/5/2006
  9. Killer in me is a killer in you.

    9 Jeff Gallegos
    Quote | 30/5/2006

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