Self-Publishing for the Masses
My rating: 4 out of 5

A few weeks ago I picked up Larry Young�s True Facts collection of internet articles, around the topic of how to publish your own comic book. The articles were originally published on the now defunct Savant Mag website.

The book is a pocket guide, so you can guess the size of this thing, and it collects twenty-one articles and an introduction from Matt Fraction.

Since there was a bit of time between when the articles were written and when Larry finally got round to compiling the book itself, he�s gone back in and offered commentary on various topics he raised at the time, giving the news after the fact.

As an aspiring comic book creator, that will probably have to self publish my wares to the world, books like this are basically essential reading. If I come out with even a nugget of information that I deem useful it will have been worth the cover price.

There were a couple of articles in there that were exceptionally useful to me. Some articles where very amusing to read, while others went no absolutely nowhere.

I guess this isn�t exactly a detailed guide of what you have to do to write, draw, letter, colour, distribute, promote, sell your comic book work. What this book essentially is a checklist of sorts. It�s meant to bring certain topics to the fore for you to remember that your job as an independant creator of work does not end with the writing and the drawing.

It�s a light read and I guess that was the point, but if you�re interested in publishing on your own I guess True Facts is a nice primer on what you�re getting yourself into.

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