Thirteen Senses Concert

I just got back fron the Thirteen Sense concert. It’s been years since I’ve been to a gig I actually wanted to go to, much less actually enjoyed. I’m not a gig person in general, simply I guess because I’ve never been organised enough in that department to actually do anything about it, and I’m not clued up enough as to who’s around at the time, in the city I live in. I guess I don’t actively hunt these things down. Case in point if it wasn’t for Laurent I’d not have known about Thirteen Sense playing Shepherd’s Bush tonight.

Support Act: Pollen
Before I get to the actual main act I’d like to talk about Pollen, who were the first support group. Now traditionally support groups are not very good. No offence to all you people playing in support groups but I’ve never ever heard a support act that I actually liked.

Now these guys Pollen come on stage, and they had the right attitude, and they had a vibrancy to their sound. I’d never heard of them before, and never heard their music but after their set I wanted to hear more. So much so that I went and got their EP, which has a total of 3 tracks. The EP’s called Soldier On, and they can be found on

Main Act
They put on a class act. Everything was executed perfectly, except when the lead singer broke a string on one of the acoustic and when he accidentally put the keyboard in the wrong key, but apart from that everything else was brilliantly executed.

What I liked about them was how down to earth they seemed. They knew they had to do that rubbish encore thing that all bands do, but at least they did it in a funny way.

They had a lot of energy in them. Gladys loved how he was obviously enjoying playing the piano, and while I was sitting there taking it all in, I just had a flashback to when I was 7 years old. It’s one of those memories where I swear I’d forgotten completely, that only came back to me while I was sitting there in the theatre. When I was 7 I took up playing the piano. My piano teacher Zoe saw a lot of potential in me, and asked if I wanted to take this seriously. To which I obviously said yes, because I loved the sound, and still do, of the piano. The problem was that at the time my father couldn’t afford to buy a larger keyboard or a piano for me to practice. I was left with only a 3.5 key casio, which my teacher obviously knew just wasn’t enough. So my brief encounter ended. Thing is though my parents obviously felt disappointed and probably exceptionally frustrated with the situation, because years later after a few years had passed and a cheap piano was on the market they asked the question again. I said yes again, only life got in the way, and my priorities changed and I’ve not played the piano since I was 17.

While I sat there looking at Thirteen Sense blow me away with their sound, I started dreaming about what could have been.

I don’t think I can give a higher recommendation to see these guys live if they’re in your area.

To the annoying bitch sitting behind us
Fuck off and die woman. Don’t go to a concert and actively try and talk louder than the music, in the most annoying voice on the planet. Don’t talk through the entire piano solos to get your rubbish piece of shit story out to an audience of 1/2 (yeah like her friend can be counted for any more). If you want to go to a concert either go and enjoy the music, or go home and talk nonsensical bullshit that nobody cares about. Dumbass.


  1. “Fuck off and die woman. Donâ��t go to a concert and actively try and talk louder than the music,…”

    I generally avoid leaving “me too” comments … but given how often I’ve had similar thoughts coursing through my brain lately I must say “Amen!”.

    1 Kevin