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James Jean explains the process behind the new cover work for Calexico’s latest album. I’ve really got to stop visiting that guy’s site, it depresses me too much how much talent that guy has.


Nintendo seem to have rebranded their upcoming 3rd generation, what was to be called Revolution is now called Wii (pronounced as ‘we’). Not sure what to make of it all, but what I do like the little animation they’ve got going, reminds me of the work by TokyoPlastic. Also I’m going to say that out […]

Bush Imagine

Brilliant video of a remixed George Dubayou singing John Lennon’s Imagine. I love the clip of him trying to get into a door and they both locked, the face of utter dismay is unbelievable. A constant reminder to people like myself who are still baffled by the fact that he was ‘elected’ not once but […]

Broken Kode V5 | Foundations

A very strange thing happened during the design of this particular iteration of the ‘kode. Usually speaking I’ll be thinking about if for months, then I’ll see something on the internet and get depressed because I can never get that good and then I’ll begrudgingly try and plow through coding I really have no right […]

Forum Spam

Sorry to all the Rin and Manji board users for the spamming that’s going on. I think I’ve rectified the situation and now I’m going back and sifting through the sheer amount of spam comments. Punbb isn’t as easy to moderate comments as WordPress is so it’s taking some time and is a little bit […]


Ok I’m officially in love. Claire Wendling (the site is in French, so now you know where she’s from as well) is the most amazing artist I’ve seen in a bloody good long while. I’ve got two of her art books here in front of me and each page oozes with inspiration. In many […]

Placebo - Meds

Just got this album and it’s definitely going to be making it on my best of 2006 list. I know it’s pretty early to be saying stuff like this, but I’ve got a very soft spot for Placebo as they really made some brilliant music in the lulls between Smashing Pumpkin albums during the 90s. […]

Broken Signal Episode 1

Well I just recorded my first ever podcast. It’s pretty raw, no bells, no whistles, I’m still trying to learn how to use Audacity and I’m getting to grips with my microphone, apologies for the sound quality, I’m working on a couple of things that will help me make it is a bit better, so […]


I was meaning to write about this last week but I got caught up in other things and once again missed reviewing this movie. It’s not a new movie, however it holds a special place with me as it’s my feel good movie. It’s the movie I watch on a Sunday when I’m slightly depressed […]

Brain Dump

Creativity It’s really annoying, a month ago I was talking about being on a creative high, however for the past couple of weeks I’ve seriously been hitting a creative wall, AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. I knew back then that the creativity wouldn’t last forever but it’s really frustrating when you sit down and honestly waste […]