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World Cup Excel Spreadsheet

I generally hate football. With the odd exception of the World Cup which I’m a really big fan of. The last time, a guy at work gave me this Excel spreadsheet which I found extremely useful in keeping me abreast of what was going on. Excely have provided an updated version of their spreadsheet which […]

Class of 2006

Today was my brother’s graduation day. It comes 5 years after my graduation which was the last time I was in a similar situation so obviously I did start to reminisce about that day in Nottingham all those years ago. This time of course I was on the other ending of the stage so I […]

Cream Cheese and Butter

That was the longest trip I’ve ever made. Now it wasn’t actually boring nor was it particularly uncomfortable, it’s just that had some chinese guy sitting next to me that decided he was going to take up all the arm rests and go to sleep from the word go for like 6 hours. There was […]

America Bound

Damn time flies by. I’m off to the States tomorrow for my brother’s graduation (an event we all wondered if would actually ever come to pass). I’ve got to say that in general the visa application system was relatively painless with the exception of the courier service which honestly sucks some major balls. However the […]

Wii E3

So I met up with Chris and co on Friday. What’s cool about Chris is that he’s one of the few remaining friends of mine that is a TOTAL and UBER geek. He’s not only a geek, but he’s pretty damn proud of it. Damn right as well. The way you should be. Wear your […]

Blog Design Solutions

Been meaning to write a proper review about this book for a good long while. Due to many commitments it’s not been possible to really get into the book until now. “Blog Design Solutions” is a book that was released earlier this year (from Friends Of Ed) and was written by 8 guys from around […]

Coca Cola Advert

Seriously one of the best adverts I’ve seen on TV in a good long while. The advert was aparently done by Mother (does anyone have a link for this ad agency, definitely one to look out for).

Shuttle | Design Lessons

I’m going to ramble on a bit more about Shuttle, simply because it’s been a pretty big part of my life the last year and loads of things I’ve wanted to talk about on this blog have been waiting for this moment in time. Everytime I would think about something cool to talk about relating […]

Shuttle FAQ

To avoid any confusion and answer some questions that have been raised I’ve created this small FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to dispell any rumours and set the record as straight as I possibly can. If you’ve got any questions put them underneath and I’ll update the post accordingly.

Shuttle Launched

Before you read this I suggest you go and have a look at the 20 mockups showing the future of WordPress.

The idea of redesigning the WordPress administration panel began believe it or not in December 2004. For over a year and a half myself, Michael Heilemann, Joen Asmussen, Chris J Davis, Joshua Sigar (later joined […]

Pumpkins Reunite

It’s official, The Smashing Pumpkins are currently writing songs for their upcoming album, their first since 2000. no release date has yet been set, but the band plans to begin recording this summer.

And everything in this world just became THAT much better. I actually have a Smashing Pumpkins project I’ve been meaning to deal with […]

My name is Earl

The first season of easily one of the funniest and best series on TV in a good long while came to an end this week. Thankfully it has been renewed for a full second season, so there’s more Earl to come, which is brilliant news.

If you’re not sure what the hell I’m talking about, […]


Just wanted to thank the guys and gals over at Web Creme, CSS Vault, CSS Remix, Adam (of CSSReboot fame) and Olav, for featuring the ‘kode in their galleries and lists, much appreciated. If you’re new to the Kode, please have a look around the site is constantly changing as I’m still trying to pull […]

Reincarnation Cycles

I’ve never actually researched the idea at all and therefore know seriously little to nothing about this concept. I don’t know how I got to think about this today, but I was sitting there on the tube and I got thinking (there’s little to do on the tube). The reason I started thinking about this […]


Go buy the DVD version of an open-source movie? Open source as in you’ve got full access to all the elements that went into making the movie. I know sounds completely crazy but very cool at the same time. I’ve been waiting for this for a good long while, ever since I heard about it […]

FOFRedux - Design

The real reason why I decided to reboot to something more simple this time round hopefully is becoming more obvious with the latest change in the background on the front page. As the section implies the background (which occupies the most real estate on the site) will be used to throw the spotlight on specific […]

Blowing Kisses

I hate Mondays. Every Monday that comes around I always remember that episode of Garfield where he’s trying to get away from Monday so he books a ticket to fly to another country to get away from that dreaded day. That’s how much I hate Mondays. So I wake up this morning and I’m greeted […]

LG - Chocolate

Guy Howard emailed me on Tuesday asking me whether or not I wanted a free LG Chocolate phone to test out. So off I went to see what this promotion was all about.

From the site itself:
They realise that consumer-to-consumer recommendations carry a higher trust factor than virtually all other forms of advertising, and that word […]

Stop Urban 4×4s

I noticed this guy wearing this t-shirt yesterday and I actually remembered the url. It’s definitely something I agree with. Traditionally over here in the UK, 4×4s look as out of place as bloody hummies. Completely unnecessary, as far as I can tell used mainly by mothers to take their kids to school (it’s a […]

Superman Returns Trailer 2

Just finished watching the latest trailer for the Superman Returns movie and I’ve got to say that Bryan Singer seems to have HIT the nail on the head. He’s actually made this character seem like a great deal of fun. There’s a certain optimism in the entire trailer and the fact that the characters are […]


Might be old news (since I remember this being ‘released’ by google a couple of months ago), however I couldn’t find the free version of the software. I’ll give it a review once I’ve actually used it properly.

Spring Musings

Looking at my archives April was the slowest month of blogging since I began over 2 years ago. 10 posts the entire month. Now I’m generally not for one regarding quantity as something I heed much as I blog whenever I feel like it. The curious thing about the whole situation is the fact that […]