June 2006
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Linux for Human Beings?

See I know how people keep claiming how Ubuntu is the way forward for the desktop linux and how it’s been ‘made for humans’. Even though SUSE Desktop Enterprise edition hasn’t been released yet, I was keen on getting in on the action a little bit in advance, so I got SUSE 10.1 (it’s the […]


Anyone mind helping translate this site post for me? I’ve been getting some a serious referal spike from it, but I have no idea what it’s saying?

Shuttle Made reality

When the Shuttle images design were released for general consumption I expected a great number of people to jump on board and help out Matt in the implementation of the code. Now I’m not sure how far the WordPress team have got with version 2.1, as I’ve heard some little bits and pieces over the […]

Linux for the Designer

In part one of this series I talked about why I’m going to be switching over to Linux. In this part I’m going to talk more about the actual additional software and what my options as a designer and illustrator actually are. There are only a handful of reasons why I would stick with Microsoft […]

Switching Operating Systems

I’ve been writing this post for a couple of days now, which is a bit unusual for me, so grab a coffee because I’m about to go into a pretty long one, so long I’ve had to split the topic into two parts. For this first post I’ll be talking about Linux, open-source, microsoft and […]

Best World Cup Goal

Regarded by many as the best world cup goal ever, check out the second one by Esteban Cambiasso. There was 24 passes that put him in the position to score that goal. This sort of thing usually only happens in Japanese anime, not in the World Cup, which is what makes it special.

Flocking Mad

I’ll probably do a more proper review of the latest version of Flock at some point when it’s slightly more mature, but v0.7 Beta is a good stage to look at it more seriously. Also mad props to my boy Veloso for a really nice implementation of the new Flock website, very cool.


Just finished reading this book, which is definitely on my list of best books of 2006 already (I know we’re only just half way through the year) but this book does stand out very tall.

Blink is written by Malcolm Gladwell who has crafted the only book on psychology and how the human brain works that […]

Stadium Arcadium

I’ve been listening to this album more and more lately and all I can say is that it’s without a doubt the album of the year for me. I know it’s pretty early to claim such things but it would take Billy Corgan and the new pumpkins a miracle of GIGANTIUM proportions to top this […]

Summer nights that seem to go on forever

Last night reminded me of Greece during the summer. The humidity was absolutely ridiculous to be honest. It felt as though the walls were dripping with moisture. Usually I fall asleep within like 10 seconds of my head hitting the pillow, this was obviously not the case yesterday. Tossing and turning I remembered the days […]

Kabuki Dancing

Arguably the most arty thing I’ve done in London in a good long while, yesterday I went to watch Kabuki dancing in Sadler’s Well in Angel. This was the last show in the tour by Ebizo Ichikawa XI. On what was probably the single most humid day of the entire year in London I was […]

Tea Tree Special Shampoo

Yes no subject is taboo on the Kode so I’m going to talk about my haircut today. Generally speaking I really really hate going to get my hair cut. It’s like when you ask a kid to go for a bath; there’s like a million reasons that make absolutely no sense whatsoever that come between […]

Yahoo’s Summer Movie Guide

In case you missed it (because I did until very recently), Yahoo’s now got a nice Summer Movie Guide set up. The movies I’m most excited about are: Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Clerks II, Superman Returns and Over the Hedge. Should I be looking out for anything else?

The Importance of PT

I’ve been in LA for a couple of days now and I think I’m finally ready to talk about the city a bit more. The single most important aspect of LA that makes it (as far as I can tell) pretty damn unique all over the world is the lack of a coherent public transportation […]

Viva Las Vegas

I’ve already talked ever so briefly about the visit to Vegas on Monday. The first thing you notice as you enter Vegas is the fact that it’s seriously in the middle of no where. I’ve watched Bugsy, which I think ‘tells’ the Hollywood version of how Vegas started. I’m not completely completely familiar with it’s […]

Randomness in America

Coffee? I doubt it It’s baffled me for years as to how and why Starfucks came to this MASSIVE prominence around the world. How it came to be the Mcdonalds of coffee. How it came to be that the clusterfuck of caramel, cream and cheesecake came to dominate the world of coffee around the world. I […]