July 2006
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Sky HD

One of the nicest adverts I’ve seen since the Sony Bravia advert. This is for Sky’s new HD service. Also on the Bravia advert, did you know they’re prepping up a brand new one as well? This kind of reminds me of the mid/early 90s when Levis held the fort for adverts that were more […]

Grid Systems

Grid Systems by Kimberly Elam (published by PA Press) is required reading for ANYONE even thinking about jumping into graphic design of any description. I blasted through this book in a week and it’s definitely one of those books you refer back to again and again as it’s a reference book as well as a […]

Dead Man’s Chest

Saw ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest’ yesterday. Got me some thoughts about it, but as you can expect I’m going to be talking about story details, so consider this your SPOILER WARNING. Don’t look further if you’ve not seen this movie yet.

Broken Phoenix

Reason I’ve not been able to write anything these past days is because I’ve been feeling numb. Every time I sit down to type anything I feel ill and the words don’t go anywhere. I start thinking about the situation currently going on in Lebanon and I feel this sorrow and it takes over my […]

why macs suck

Some of the funniest shit I’ve seen in a good long while. I need laughter right now, otherwise I’ll be going insane. Very inventive; it’s like the antithesis of that microsoft packaging advert from a while back that came out of Microsoft themselves. Tres amusant.

The end of Proprietary?

I was talking to Kyle a couple of days ago. He was expressing how he liked the summer and then we got a bit geeky and started talking operation systems. He’s recently made the jump from Windows to the land of the Apple, while I have dumped my windows box for a shiney new ubuntu […]

6000 free fonts

While looking around the net for font viewers I stubbled across 6000 free fonts to download (scroll down a little bit). Still can’t find a decent font viewer for ubuntu though, any ideas about this and font management in general on Ubuntu?

The meaning of Terrorism

For those in the dark, yesterday evening the state of Israel has declared war on the country of Lebanon. This is not the first time that hostile action has been taken against Lebanon, however it does mean that 6 years of peace in the country have been brought to a devastating halt. Today we (the […]

Over the Crescent

Usually when things are quiet on the ‘kode it’s generally because I’m busy with stuff and can’t really concentrate on writing anything. Well that’s the case right now, however I’m supremely busy at work rather than outside work, which is not really how I like to be. Things have been COMPLETELY insane for me, as […]


One thing is for sure regarding the switch to Linux is that there is soo much to learn, however I am actually really looking forward to the plethora of applications that I can start using and learning and the various things I can actually start creating. I’m going to share some of the things that […]

Ubuntu Help

I’m running on Ubuntu now and I’m starting to get comfortable with the setup in general. I’m currently writing several posts about the experience so far however the biggest problem I’ve had to be honest is installing programmes to be honest, not programmes in the repositories because that was far too easy, I’m talking about […]

New Inkscape

You all seen the latest Inkscape? They’ve taken a page from Xara and included the colour palette at the bottom of the application. Also they’ve updated those amatuer looking icons from the previous version as well. Hopefully they’ll take a hint and use the tango icons for a unified look in web applications. I’ve not […]

Calm waters

I’ve been pretty quiet this last week and there’s actually two main reasons for that. The first one is due to the fact that I’ve been extremely busy at work. Every summer it happens to me and this one is no different. I’ve been landed with far too much work to handle in an exceptionally […]