March 2006
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Dry Rain

It’s been a while since I got rained on in London. Generally speaking I always carry a bag with me. In it I keep my umbrella, Moleskin, pens and a book or magazine that I’m reading at the time. Tonight for once in a good long time I didn’t have that bag as the sky […]

Broken Signal | Coming Soon

So I’ve decided to take up podcasting. I’ve got to admit that it’s in many ways inspired by Michael sorting his one out and me twigging to the benefits or at least the potential of this alternate medium. I’ve been listening to podcasts for a little under a year now, but I never thought I’d […]

La Coruna

That was seriously one of the best weekend breaks I’ve had in a good long while. I think it was due to the combination of being back in Spain, the company and the actually city/village we visited that contributed to making it a special break. I’m going to dedicate a whole post to the main […]

Spanish Dancing

So about two weeks ago Joe sends out a mass email to the group and asks whether anyone is up for going to La Coruña (Spain) for a weekend and being at the opening of a gallery project Arup worked on. Joe was stationed (yeah I know not exactly a war zone over there is […]


I’ve been keeping up with a lot of my feeds lately, mainly because I’m still waiting for version 0.4 of FOF Redux (which should hopefully have the new interface as part of the new features) but anyway. Paul’s done a nice little writeup of the new linux XGL OS from Novell. This news comes at […]

Smokes and Mirrors

On Grooming Today I took a look at myself in the mirror and didn’t really like everything I saw. It not so much just my physical appearance but in the past few months I’ve honestly not been taking care of myself in many other ways as well. So I’ve decided to deal with a few things […]

Online Printers

A small part of creating the BK Logo was to have something to put on my business cards. As you’d imagine these things are not going to be your run of the mill cards, as I wanted to have some fun with them. So the mammoth task came down on me to actually do a […]

Superstar Rosberg

Please tell me everyone saw superstar rookie Rosberg’s debut race in Formula 1? No. Well allow me to give you the cliffnotes, but please come more prepared the next time :).

Nico Rosberg is the son of Keke Rosberg, the 1982 Formula 1 world champion. He’s driving a Williams, powered by a Cosworth engine (much in […]

CPU Minutes Problem

I’m having a little bit of a problem finding the sneaky php script that is making me clock some serious CPU minutes (yeah like I know what those are, or give two shits about them). Dreamhost have been pretty good not bugging me about this too often, so you might experience a bit of weirdness […]

Shuttle Wave One

Update: The smaller images now click onto LARGER versions for your viewing pleasure.

For the past year the Shuttle team has been working on the beautification of the WordPress administration panel. The original team was just going to be myself and a couple of coders (Chris and Joshua) who were going to take the designs I […]

Explaining the New Web

I’m giving a presentation on what everyone is missing out on the web to my group at work on Wednesday. 90% of the people that are going to be there have never heard of Firefox, don’t know what Gmail is and certainly don’t know what RSS is. I’ve got a load of topics I will […]

Harmful books

Some of the statements made in the descriptions often come across as pretty damn glossed over (also laughable in a few occasions), especially when tackling a subject such as this, but check out the Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

HUMAN EVENTS asked a panel of 15 conservative scholars and public […]

Blogging Is Raw

Increasingly I’ve been reading many people on the blogosphere talk about their posts as articles; to which all I have to say is that you’re talking out of your ass if that’s actually what you think you’re writing when you post something on your personal weblog. In my eyes it’s very simple because blogging is […]

Grasping Inspiration

Traditionally February is generally a shitty month. I’ve had several things mar it in my eyes that for a while there I used to dread the month. This year however it’s been an exceptional month in terms of creativity. I’ve seriously been able to pucker down and deal with things that have been on my […]