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wikipedia ipod

Wikipedia on your ipod!!!? Haven’t tried this yet, but damn that does look pretty cool. Thing is though my phone has got a better screen than my ipod mini and the battery lasts longer, so does anyone know of something similiar for a mobile phone?

RIP Andreas Katsulas

Can’t believe I missed this, but Andreas Katsulas has passed away. For all those scratching their heads going:


Andreas was effectively the best thing on Bablyon 5 after the writing by JMS. If anyone every complained about Babylon 5’s hammy acting, I could always point in Andreas’ direction and all those comments would evaporate because the […]

FOFRedux Redesign Mini-site

If you’re interested in these things and would like to see what goes into making the administration panel of a programme, then I present the Feed on Feeds Redux Redesign mini-site. It’s just a quick install of the excellent Zenphoto which I’ll be skinning heavily in the coming days. I’ve got such a massive burst […]

FOFRedux Redesign

Honestly this sort of thing doesn’t happen to me very often. I subscribed to the FOFRedux mailing list and started talking interface design. Shortly after joining the list Joe Shaw gave this scathing review of the application:

I didn’t even try this. It has the scariest user-interface I’ve ever seen in a feed reader. I’m a […]


Go get yourself and account at coComment. Not sure how they’re going to make money off this, but track all the comments you leave on different websites all over the blogosphere. You can even have an rss feed and you can get them integrated into your actual blog. The design and implementation of the service […]

Warren vs Whedon

Warren writes about some bollocks (didn’t even bother to read his actual post). Go straight to comments section where there’s a seriously funny exchange between him and Joss Whedon.

New Rin and Manji Flavours coming soon

Just thought I’d give all the crazy cats out there looking for some different Rin and Manji flavours a nice treat. It might seem as though I’ve neglected my little themes, but I have not forsaken them. I’ve had a couple of flavours (different coats of paint) sitting on my harddrive waiting for me to […]

UX magazine

Definitely one to put into your RSS aggregator. UX magazine seems to be a pretty quality type of website. Slick design and seems to have a decent amount of good content in there as well. Not sure why it’s in beta, it’s not like it’s an application or anything. Must be a web 2.0 thing..ugg.

The Construction Industry

I’ve created a brand you category on the Kode. It’s called ‘Funk You Mr.Architect‘. Before I get into what I’ll be posting about in the category I’ll put a small disclaimer that I like architects as people. In fact I live with one, so I’m not a professionalist.

I’m going to talk about the industry […]

Blogging Opera

Who amongst us doesn’t like a good bit of soap opera? Ok, what about a bit of soap opera revolving around the world that you spend a couple of hours a day on? Yeah I’m talking about the shit storm that’s blown up with 9rules announcing that it would be removing a few blogs from […]

Blogging Methodology

I was recently reading Stathi’s latest post and I could help but smile at just what a completely unique method of blogging he actually has. You see he doesn’t ever write full posts, he only uploads his poems. To be completely honest I actually didn’t think he was going to keep it going for longer […]

Inspirational downloads

Neuralbrand Vector giveaway. Which reminds me I should have a little poke in the mind of Veloso’s playbox as well (it’s the 2004 archive on the right hand side). Go grab that as well for inspirational goodness.

Contact Form problems

Just noticed that my contact form is not working since I upgraded to WordPress version 2.0 so I’ll try and sort that out asap. If you’ve sent an email in the last couple of weeks and I’ve not responded, please don’t see this as me blanking you, I try my best to answer anyone who […]

Women’s Fashion | Shoes

This should be interesting. The last time I decided to talk about fashion I got a response from a slew of sleeper readers. So this one is BOUND to get a few more sleepers to come out of the wood work, because I’m about to embark on what many guys consider a big black hole […]

Broken Kode | Season One - The First Copy

Guess what I received in the post this morning?

Needless to say I couldn’t actually get much work done for a little bit until I calmed down my giddiness and concentrated to finish off this day. So here’s some initial thoughts:

The internal paper stock is top notch. Lulu scores loads of points with me in terms […]

9rules Community Interview

Lindsay is conducting a slew of interviews with all the 9rulers in the Personal Community. Thame was first, seems I answered by questions before the other guys. If you’re interested in finding out where the name Broken Kode comes from that’s where to go.

Creative Sessions

The new institution for both Stathis and I this year has been the ‘Creative Session’ (in the past we used to go out on stakeouts).
I generally used to do these on my own. The problem was that at the end of my writing or drawing I’d get that feeling people get if they go […]

February Schedule

Well I did actually like the whole documenting what was on the table to be completed during any particular month it did actually keep my mind focused on the task at hand. So recapping January I didn’t complete everything I had on that list of things to do, the main one was Shuttle. My intentions […]

The Message

Joen’s has written about the fiasco with the illustration of the Prophet Mohammad, since he’s Danish the topic is obviously closer to him than others out there. I actually had to sit back and think about this for a while before jumping and offering how I view this topic. I rarely delve into the religious […]