September 2006
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Ubuntu Advocate | Part 1

Ubuntu 6.06 ‘Drapper Drake’ is a vastly superior operating system to Windows XP.

Usually people give their conclusions once they’ve established the question first and then gone through the process of explaining and proving why. I’m going to make my conclusions and therefore raise your expectations (or utter disbelief or even contempt and arrogance) […]


I’ve been trying to find ways to increase my productivity and effectively take my life back by the horns, which for the past couple of months has spiralled out of control.

Gmail is a staple in my life. I use it and don’t think about it. I’ve not gotten to the stage where I really use […]

Ramadan 2006

I’d just like to extend my wishes to all those about to fast (and those who are like me already done it for a day). This is without a doubt the hardest Ramadan I’ve ever had to go through, simply because it’s been a pretty hard year, which has drained me mentally and emotionally from […]

300 Promo Trailer

Update: This seems to have been taken down from Youtube. It was only a matter of time really. But then again you can’t keep things like this off the net for too long. So I’m sure another link will surface at some point (Movie is set for a 7th March release).

I’ve watched this trailer three […]

Symphony 21

Seems like the pay for model didn’t work? Can’t really say why the guys over at 21 Degrees have gone the route of giving Symphony away, but having done this blogging thing for a while, I can’t help but remember distinctly the outrage the blogosphere went through when Six Apart went and made the free […]

The Devil Himself

Fascinating week we’ve been having with regards to international news. It’s gotten to the stage that an online reading I do is just not good enough. The absolute gem item I read today was the comments made by President Hugo Chavez of Venzuela (if anyone has a better link, without the crappy adverts in the […]

California sues car manufacturers

California sues car manufacturers? Is this some kind of joke? Easily the single most ridiculous thing I’ve read all day (and the day hasn’t really begun for me). state attorney-general Bill Lockyer, has this little nugget to say (amongst other things):

The impacts are already costing millions of dollars and the price tag is increasing. It […]

10000 fonts

And just because I can’t get enough of fonts flying around, here’s another 10,000 for everyone to choose from. Dunno how much this would slow my system down, but I gather a hell of a lot really.

Sony Ericsson M600i

Finally my wishes for a mobile that actually provides me with what I want have been answer with the latest Sony Ericsson M600i.

I honestly don’t care that it doesn’t have a camera, as I find that feature a bit superfluous for my liking in a mobile phone anyway. It’s also fantastic news that mobile […]

Gnome Files

Gnome Files. Part of the problem with open source is the fact that there are so many applications out there that can help you do all sorts of things, so much so you probably don’t even know that they exist. To help you along the way we’ve got the excellent Gnome Files website, which is […]

20 years of Linux

20 Years of Linux panel at LinuxWorld from August. Yeah, it’s only been 15 years, however the guys at the panel look to the future and come up with some very interesting ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

Design Magazines

There seems to be a bit of resurgence in the design and web development UK market. This is a very good thing as it’s been pretty poor the last year or so. When I cleaned up my room a couple of weeks ago I kept looking at my old magazines like I do and there […]

User Control, Eliminate the Noise

When it comes to doing things in WordPress, any idea I come up with has usually been implemented several times over, however I think (and I really hope someone has actually done this and I simply can’t find it) but the idea for this plugin came about after talking with several of my friends who […]

Blogger Burn

It’s been one of the longest summers that I can remember, which definitely followed one of the longest winter’s I can remember in a really long time. As I looked around me I saw more and more of my blogging friends slowly start to blog less. It’s not that we have less to talk about […]

Ubuntu Knot2

Knot2, second alpha release of the upcoming Ubuntu release this October, Edgy Eft. This is what I love about Ubuntu, crystal clear information about what’s going in, how and why things are changing and getting better, every 6 months (give or take a couple, I know). It’s a definite breathe of fresh air compared to […]


Mapmyrun, one of the best use of the Google Maps API, I’ve seen so far on the net. My estimate of 5km for my runs wasn’t that far off, I run 4.8km.