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2nd July, 2006

You all seen the latest Inkscape? They’ve taken a page from Xara and included the colour palette at the bottom of the application. Also they’ve updated those amatuer looking icons from the previous version as well. Hopefully they’ll take a hint and use the tango icons for a unified look in web applications. I’ve not played around with it yet to be honest but they’re heading in the right direction. Here’s a prediction though, I estimate that in 3 years time it should be as mighty as anything else out there.

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Over the years I've contributed to various open source projects. I do honestly believe that there is a lot going for the idea of open source software and in many ways does represent the future. For me, one of the greatest gifts that open source has given me (apart from some seriously kick ass software) is the chance to collaborate with people from around the world.
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