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Seriously, don’t bother reading this because it’s going to be one long boring diatribes of bollocks with me smack in the middle winging and wining about something. I’ve not really had the chance to formulate the post at all in my mind and I’m doing what I used to do years ago on this blog, […]

Is it?

3rd April, 2007
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Fruit Salad

6th April, 2007

Red State? Kevin Smith’s new movie is going to be a ‘horror’ movie? Seriously didn’t see that one coming. How’s he going to put Affleck in that one?

Speak Up!
21st March, 2007

Novell’s spoof on Apple’s MAC/PC adverts. One of the geekiest and funniest things I’ve seen in a SERIOUSLY long time. I especially LOVE the ‘NICE’ at the end of the commercial. Very very cool. (via Miguel)

Speak Up!
7th March, 2007

20 must have firefox extensions. The usual suspects are all involved, however I didn’t know about the showcase plugin which I think is pretty slick.

Speak Up!

Massive shout out to Jos Buivenga over at Exljbris for the truly excellent and awesome fonts he’s got on offer for free. When he says “Quality Free Font Foundry” he’s seriously not lying. Excellent stuff. I love Delicious and Fontin are both fonts that I’m going to definitely try and use in a future iteration of the ‘Kode.

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